Mark Waid Fired From FANTASTIC FOUR

Newsarama is reporting that Mark Waid has confirmed that he has been fired from Fantastic Four. Waid received a call from Marvel this past Friday informing him that Fantastic Four #508 would be his last issue.

Apparently this turn of events centered around Bill Jemas wanting to jettison the high-adventure approach in favor of making the FF a wacky suburban dramedy where Reed’s a nutty professor who creates amazing but impractical inventions, Sue’s the office-temp breadwinner, the cranky neighbor is their new “arch-enemy”, etc. Waid thought this “revamp” was too radical and declined it.

Whether Mike Wieringo will stay on as artist after Waid’s departure is still unknown. When confronted with a question regarding the situation at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC he indicated that if Waid were leaving the title, he most likely would be as well. But nothing formal has been announced.

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