Daily Archives: December 9, 2003

Here’s that handy e-mail tool again

Everyone keeps asking me for that tool that lets you make an e-mail link that can’t be read by spambots and worm viruses. When I met Scott Kurtz he said he needed to get it again. Of course, the link … Continue reading

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Fanzing plugged on Steven Grant’s board

Steven Grant didn’t mention us specifically, but a certain someone who wrote in did. (That certain someone being David J. LoTempio of Job Wanted, though he goes unnamed in the article. I can tell because David mentions his Starman article … Continue reading

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Coloring books aren’t just for kids!

Roz Terrill and I found Antarctic Press’ How to Color for Comics at Wizard World Texas (at the aforementioned Steve Buscemi Guy’s 1/2 price TPBs stand). In this day and age of computer-colored books, it’s a new skill that will … Continue reading

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The Wilhelm Scream

Boy, you go back through Aaron’s news archives and it’s cool what you find. Here’s something I had to pass along: The Wilhelm Scream. A scream sound effect used again and again in all Lucasfilm productions and even The Two … Continue reading

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Last words of role-playing characters

Boy, reading this can take longer than the three TPBs of Dork Tower I bought at Wizard World! The Canonical List of Famous Last Words of role-playing characters offers such gems as “OK, I moon the Balrog” and “I take … Continue reading

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Comic store burglary!

A daring daylight robbery! A crook makes off with $50,000 worth of comic books!

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WWTexas Con report 3: PVP, Nodwick and Viper

I mentioned the Marvel booth in my first con report. We at the Shooting Star Comics booth had the good fortune to be located right next to the big Punisher movie exhibit. We thought that was lucky enough. Then the … Continue reading

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WWTexas Con report 2: Meeting people

First off, J.D. Long wants me to mention that you can get beer at the concession stand in Texas. This is important (in his view) because he loved my reaction when I saw him with a beer hanging around our … Continue reading

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Digital art tutorials

Phil Meadows and I were discussing computer coloring for comics and he tipped me off to a cool site of note: Digital Art Tutorials. A useful link for any comic book creators out there.

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