So I was talking to my friend Glenn Hauman and he told me of a story he heard from someone who has spoken to Chris Claremont on a couple of occasions. And Glenn told me that this guy told him quite an interesting tale as to Chris Claremont’s suggestion for an alternate ending to THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

Read on, if you dare!

Ready? Okay.

The Crisis happens pretty much as it did originally. One exception. In the final battle with the Anti-Monitor in Issue #12, Superman of Earth-1 is killed. That’s right. EARTH-ONE Superman, Kal-El, dies.

After the Anti-Monitor is destroyed, Kal-L, the original super-hero and the Golden Age Superman of Earth-2, does not go into a paradise dimension conveniently discovered by Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 nor is it revealed the Alexander magically saved Lois from what should have been a certain death. No. The battle is over. Superman of Earth-2 looks down at the fallen Kal-El, considers how now he is alone, without a world and without his Lois, and the remaining, single Earth is now without a Superman. He remarks, “Don’t need this anymore,” and brushes his hand through his hair, wiping out the gray/white dye that he’d been apparently using for years to make it look like he was aging (along with some basic make-up, apparently).

The other heroes are surprised and Kal-L explains simply that he stopped aging when he reached the peak of his powers. And with that, he returns with them to the new, Post-Crisis Earth, to take the place of his Earth-1 counterpart. And John Byrne’s revamp would thus proclaim the return of the “Original Super-Hero” as Kal-L (now switching to the spelling of Kal-El) began life on this new Earth, living a life that was like his own in some ways but was markedly different, such as how different this version of Lois was and how differently this Earth’s Batman behaved towards him. But despite this “culture shock”, he strove on, fighting the good fight as he always had, and recharged by the fact that he’d basically been given a new lease on life by being deposited back into the early days of this new Earth’s modern heroic age.

Now again, this is second-hand information … But it certainly smells of Claremont and it’s interesting to think about, no?

Just imagine …

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