Who Am Iron Man?

Is Iron Man’s movie going to be based on the original character, the old fiercely anti-Communist patriot, or is he going to be another John Henry Irons moaning “I made all my money selling munitions and I suddenly realized that someone could get hurt”? That seems to be one of many questions dogging the blockbuster-in-waiting.

A lot of us just don’t know what to think from the trailers, and now the early reviews and leaks are making us even more leary. Are we being shown all the macho stuff in order to hide an “America is the real enemy” message, or could it be that Hollywood will hew more towards the pro-military themes that made Transformers a hit? Is it even possible for Hollywood to make a movie about an arms manufacturer without his shutting down the company and donating all his money to fight world hunger by the end of it?

Stan Lee based Stark’s personality on real life anti-Communist Howard Hughes, essentially wondering what if Hughes spent his money on flying armor instead of a wooden plane.

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