Green Arrow escapes from superprison: The Movie

Here’s an awesome movie idea from the scribe of “Batman Begins” and it may actually make it to the big screen: “Super Max”, in which Green Arrow is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and must then escape from a facility designed for holding super criminals… and it includes a list of B and C-level villains that comic fans will recognize (though none are in their costumes).

I’m not a big Green Arrow fan, but this sounds like an awesome idea for a movie. And maybe that’s the key to this: instead of an overwrought and formulaic two hour origin tale, the origin and establishing of Green Arrow is done in the first few minutes, and by 10 minutes in he’s already been captured for the murders. The rest of the movie is focused on an exciting plot that would be a good story no matter who the main character is.

(Hat tip to Condiment King!)

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