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Liveblogging the 24 Day 8 premiere – Hour 2

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Block 1: “I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in!” — Of course Jack is not going to make his flight.  Just once, I’d like to seem him not bother with the whole “fighting it” bit.

The POTUS’ Chief of Staff is a bit of a prick.

Omar’s brother looks like Ringo Star.

Chloe still rocks.

Poor Gwyneth.  She will, of course, be innocent and someone else is the threat.

Block 2: It’s as if Chloe hasn’t had any character development for the last several years.  She’s right back to where she was in her first season.

Ringo says, “Tell me everything.”  Sicko.  Why do I have the feeling he’s the inside — OH! Didn’t even finish the sentence. He is.  There he is conspiring with the talking potato.

Block 3: Dana Walsh is Jenny?  Hmmm.  Okay, where is this plot going to go?

Awww.  Chloe’s pout is just too cute.

See, now Jack commits to the fact that he needs to be involved, and he’s on the case.  If only it wasn’t a pain to get to this part each and every season.

Block 4: Oooo.  How awesome is that isolation room?

Oh no! Jenny’s secret is that she’s white trash?

Block 5: Potato guy’s a cop?

Jack’s still walking to the armory in the same building?  Cripes, there was an ad break!  That’s enough time for him to drive across Los Angeles!

This is the most light I’ve ever seen in CTU.  It looks more like the Men in Black HQ.

This poor couple is going to be killed as soon as they’re done co-operating.  Just once, I’d like to see someone realize that.

Liveblogging the 24 Day 8 premiere

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

I haven’t liveblogged anything since I watched Ghost Rider on DVD, but I have a laptop in my living room so what the heck.

NOTE: I’m DVR-delayed, so it’s not quite “live”, but for all intents and purposes…

First block: It’s awesome to see Jack happy instead of on-the-run, or returning from captivity, as the season begins.

Okay, the beard guy.  Is he supposed to be similar to the head of Iran, or what?

Second block: Beard guy is “Omar Hassan”.  Funny, since he reminds me of Omar Sharif.  I like his brother.

U.N. Building.  Okay, so this one is in New York.  Just once, I’d like to see a season where the incident is somewhere like Oshkosh Wisconsin so that it makes sense that they cross the city during an ad break.

Odd to see Chloe needing computer help.

I saw Mykelti Williamson (Bubba from “Forrest Gump”) listed in the credits.  I think he’s playing the head of CTU, but I haven’t seen him in anything in ages so I can’t be absolutely sure.

Third Block: Okay, so Hassan is the head of “the Islamic Republic”, but obviously he’s a very different person from Imamadinahead.

Why doesn’t Jack disguise the guy as a woman or something while trying to move him?

I’m not following this whole subplot about the people with the wedding.  Who the heck are they?  I guess the problem is I’m typing when they’re talking.

Fourth Block: Hmm.  Are women allowed to be that openly abusive to their husbands in Iranian society?

I don’t remember what the blonde reporter is named.  I’m going to call her “Gwyneth Paltrow”.

Mr. Cole Ortiz must be the engaged guy.  So, all this talk of the wedding is either a season-long subplot or a way to make us extra-sad when he gets killed.

JACK KILL COUNT: Two. One by fire ax. One railing kill.

Helicopter is blown up.  Wow.  Am I really right about Ortiz already?  Oh, no, I’m not.  The dead guy is the informant.