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Metro Med Special Edition #1 – NOW AVAILABLE!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Toldja there was a big announcement coming!

Metro Med Special Edition #1 is now available at IndyPlanet.

It’s 36 beautiful pages, with two Metro Med stories, pinups, character profiles, a new Annotations section, plus an all-new color 1-page story on the back cover. As a bonus, I included my out-of-print story “Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers”.

In 2005, I published Metro Med #0 via my buddies at Shooting Star Comics. A thin volume selling for $2, this #0 issue was rushed to the printer in time to have it for Wizard World Chicago. Unfortunately, the quality of the printing was not what we would have liked and it ended up as our ashcan edition. (I’m still glad we published when we did, since afterward not only did someone else do a superhero hospital book but there was also another superhero using the same name as one of my characters. Thank God for ashcans!) Shortly afterward I lost my artist on the book, so it’s taken me a while to decide how to proceed. While I’m looking forward with some new artists, I decided it was time the first volume got a quality printing.

I didn’t tell you any of this because, until I saw it at Wizard World Chicago, I wasn’t sure how the printing would turn out. Yes, I was in the same “no proof” boat I was in back in 2005. However, the final result is stunning. I thought the quality of #0 was just disappointing, but once I saw the quality of this new one printed through Ka-Blam/IndyPlanet… well, I regret ever showing anyone the old one. THIS is how Metro Med was meant to be.

Well…at least until I can get it redone in color.

Take a look for yourself. IndyPlanet has a six-page preview.

Yes, I’ll be talking this up for a while.

Full-size, but it has a Nick in it

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

The cover and release date has been announced for NICK LANDIME VERSUS THE WORLD CRIME LEAGUE #1. I’ve been looking forward to Erik Burnham’s Nick Landime getting his own comic for two years, and it’s finally arrived!

Well…arriving soon.

I can’t wait to see Erik at Micro-Con in Minneapolis and get a copy of this signed. I just hope this year he arranges to have some books there. (Just teasing, bud!)

Nick succeeds where Buckaroo Banzai and Doc Savage failed!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

Erik Burnham gleefully informs me that he is finished with Nick Landime vs. The World Crime League and it is set to debut in May!

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to reading a full-length Nick Landime story.

it’s Grell!

Monday, June 21st, 2004

I couldn’t resist stealing from Hutch.

This is a wonderful thing. Mike Grell drew some of my favorite works and is one of the most talented creators in the business.

There’s some sort of circular beauty…. pure irony… that Mike Grell is drawing one of Scott McCullar’s characters.

The official page for the issue in question is here.
Mike Grell’s official site is here. Scott McCullar’s is here. The irony is apparent from browsing there and after seeing what was the Green Arrow Compendium.

As for Mike Grell and the fantastic… he also drew John Morgan Neal’s new creation, Rex Solomon! BatNeal’s a big fan as well; he’s a “huge Legion fan. And GL fan. And GA fan. And Jon Sable fan.” One can tell that somebody’s career is going somewhere when their idols are drawing their stuff instead of the other way around.

Mike Grell cover to SSCA #6

Saturday, June 19th, 2004

I hope all of you are reading Shooting Star Comics Anthology (and not just because Phil Meadows and I have a story in the current issue). But for the few of you who have yet to add it to your pull list at your comic shop, or buy them online, or subscribe…for those few of you remaining…I think this will get you on board:

Mike Grell.

Mike Grell is providing the cover for issue #6. Pencils AND inks, people! Erik gave me a glimpse and it is probably the most awesome cover they’ve had (with all due respect to the pros who have graced the previous covers…but hey, it’s Mike Grell, I’m sure they understand!).

I’ll post a peek at the issue as soon as Shooting Star makes it public.

More Middlers praise (SSCA rulez 4EVA!)

Monday, June 14th, 2004

Phil Meadows and I are getting ready to turn in our finished two pages for the final Small Press Idol voting, which begins on Wednesday. Phil’s nervous, which is why I’m grateful for all of the reviews currently pouring in praising his art.

: RevolutionSF reviews Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4 and has this to say about our story:

Michael Hutchison and Phil Meadows’ “Time Meddlers” in issue 4 is, page for page, the funniest story in the entire series so far. It’s two British gents, screwing up the time stream trying to get rich. Honestly, this one knocked over my giggle box. There’s one time-trip that comes up suddenly, and I didn’t realize where they were at first, but — I’m ruining it. Never mind.

I was nervous when Erik informed me that Johanna Draper Carlson had a review. Phil and I did a taut 14-page thriller for Job Wanted, and were disappointed when it hardly got any reviews. Johanna’s review of Job Wanted was rather snide, and her summation of “Enigma in Outer Space” consisted of calling it “a sterile astronaut story.” Four words.

But she is much kinder to “Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers”:

The time travel story, about two guys trying to exploit a time machine to collect old comics and otherwise make money, was cute, funny, and well-illustrated. I especially liked the throwaway Titanic car joke.

I should note that so far no one has (as far as we can tell) picked up on some of the jokes hidden in the background, so I’m going to give a couple hints: Grab your magnifying glass and get a look at Shakespeare’s contract, and then take another look at the people sitting in the deck chairs on page 7. Okay, ’nuff said.

So far, the reviews for Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4 are enthusiastic and positive, and while I’m hardly an unbiased source I do have to say that the last few issues have been far more consistently entertaining from front to back. The SSC team is now putting out the books on a quarterly basis, luring at least one professional guest shot in every issue and offering a solidly entertaining product. If it’s not on your pull list, call up your comic store and add it! (And I say that not out of any self-interest. Our story in #4 was only a guest shot and they don’t have any more openings for a couple years!)

Meanwhile, if your comic shop doesn’t have SSCA #4, I believe Shooting Star will have the book available from their web site soon.

We’d like to thank everyone who has given the book such good reviews. Now…does anyone have any in-depth feedback on Phil’s art or my writing? We’re always looking for tips on how to improve. Just give us a shout!

A good review for the Middlers

Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Issue #475 of Comic Book Network has a positive review of the story I wrote (and Phil Meadows illustrated) for Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4, and gives the book overall a solid review. You can read issue 475 as a downloadable text file.



Tuesday, May 18th, 2004

Read all about it at the Dixonverse Message Board

Shooting Star Comics latest victim in the War on Terror

Friday, May 7th, 2004

Shooting Star Comics’ Message Board has been hacked by someone with a beef against Christians, Jews, the USA and Israel. I have no clue why they singled out the SSC board. To the best of my knowledge, the SSC boards are not overflowing with Ann Coulter-ish Muslim-bashing.

Scott McCullar is working to have the Forum back shortly.

Meanwhile, I’m changing all of the passwords for the Fanzing forum and my other sites, just to be safe.

SSCA #4 ships in two weeks?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4 because SSC graciously invited Phil Meadows and me to contribute an 8-page story. The result is “The Adventures of Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers”, about two British brothers who try to make money using their time traveling rolltop desk. It begins with their bagging and preserving a certain 1938 comic book, and launching an even better scheme from there. How much can these two screw up in only 8 pages? You’ll be surprised.

However, I’ve just found out that the book is delayed two weeks. We’re not sure why, as it went to the printers on time, but it’s just not on Diamond’s shipping list for this week or next Wednesday. The company prez is investigating and will get a firm date to us ASAP.

Hmmm…maybe I should post the first two pages to tide you over. Interested?

Nick Landime on Comic Ratings

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004

Nick Landime, who is given voice by one of the Monitor Duty guys (just to engage in a bit of full disclosure), expounds on comic book ratings and makes what is probably the ultimate comment on the importance of same.

Nick Landime Speaks Out

Tuesday, April 6th, 2004



For Information, Please Contact:

Sean Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of Shooting Star Comics

Scott McCullar, Creative Director

Alpharetta, Ga. (April 6/2004) – Erik Burnham, creator of the popular Nick Landime stories in the Shooting Star Comics Anthology, once again takes to his keyboard to pen not only new stories featuring his creation, but also a new, weekly column called “Time of Nick.”

While master wit Burnham will continue to be “the man behind the curtain,” the column and voice will all belong to that hapless ne’er-do-well, Nick Landime. The first column, which discusses the first amendment and potential psychological troubles of Shooting Star Comics creators, goes live today at the Shooting Star Comics website, In upcoming weeks, expect Nick to tackle such tough issues as ratings systems for comics, comic book conventions, movie adaptations, and healthcare for talking monkeys, excuse me, chimps with a masters degree.

“We’re thrilled to have Erik lend his humorous character skill, though perhaps cynical and sarcastic might be more appropriate words to describe it, to Shooting Star Comics this way,” said Editor-in-Chief Sean Taylor. “Sure, you may already know he’s got that knack for comedic timing in his stories, but just you wait until you read his columns.”

SHOOTING STAR COMICS, LLC is a new comics publisher, committed to publishing a wide variety of genres and styles. Including both new talent and longtime legends in the industry, Shooting Star Comics produces a quarterly anthology series and will also be releasing new titles this year.

Shooting Star Comics, LLC is a proud member of the Small Press Association. More information about Shooting Star Comics can be found at the company’s website,

A .jpeg of the cover to the upcoming SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #4 and samples from the book can be downloaded from the website.

For additional sample artwork and other inquiries, please contact:

Scott McCullar, Creative Director

Shooting Star Comics
5665 Hwy. 9 Suite 103-140
Alpharetta, GA 30004

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Preview of “Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers”!

Saturday, March 13th, 2004

Phil Meadows and I have done a time traveling comedy. Not only is it different in tone from the tense space drama we did for Job Wanted, but this time Phil’s shading style is completely different from the old fashioned dots-and-hatching look of “Enigma in Outer Space”. (That was intentional, as it was supposed to have some 50s pulp feel to it.)

The new story features full page bleeds and quality computer shading.

Youngest inker work in SSCA #3

Friday, January 30th, 2004

Our own Scott McCullar has introduced to the world a startling new inking talent: his daughter Rachel!

That’s his seven and a half year old daughter.

Scott’s latest Yellow Jacket story “Feeling The Sting” debuted this week in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #3. I’ve already seen the art in previews and I have to say: I cannot detect which inks are done by Scott and which are done by Rachel. I couldn’t even draw a smiley face when I was 7!

I have to apologize to the gang from Shooting Star Comics for not spotlighting their new book when it debuted on Wednesday; the date snuck up on me! I will try to post a review of the book on our review site, but in the meantime let me just say that it is their best book yet.

That isn’t just meaningless praise. I thought SSCA #s 1 and 2 were good, but they had their strong and weak points. I managed to snag a preview of #3 and every story is enjoyable, there are no letdowns, and one of them is LOL hilarious.

Shooting Star #2 finally gets reviewed by Silver Bullet!

Monday, December 1st, 2003

It’s a little late, but Shooting Star Comics Anthology #2 received a nice review from Silver Bullet Comics.

Shooting Star Comics Anthology gets glowing review

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

SSCA #2 received a positive review from the Small Amazing Wonders web site.

Todd Nauck plugs Shooting Star Comics

Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

In a Comicon interview, Todd Nauck mentions that he will be doing a cover for Shooting Star Comics.

I don’t think this had been made public before, but it’s true. Todd Nauk is doing the cover to Shooting Star Comics Anthology #5 which debuts July of 2004.

And, as long as we’re revealing tidbits about SSCA’s future plans, I think now would be a good time to reveal that yours truly was invited to participate in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4. Joining me will be Phil Meadows, who previously collaborated with me on the sci-fi epic-in-14-pages known as “Enigma in Outer Space” for the Job Wanted comic. We’ll have more on this story as Phil gets some preview art done, but for now all I can say is watch for Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4 to hit the stands in April of 2004.