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Another BIRDS OF PREY Sell-Out

Friday, July 11th, 2003

Over at the Words of Prey message board Gail Simone has reported that last month’s Birds of Prey Secret Files 2003 has sold out. This is an extremely rare occurance for a Secret Files book.

BOP Secret Files 2003 makes the second Birds of Prey book to sell out recently. Last month Simone and Ed Bene’s first issue of Birds of Prey, issue #56, also sold out.

Stan Lee to Create new Cartoon Universe

Friday, July 11th, 2003

ICv2 News is reporting that Stan Lee has signed a deal with children’s programming outfit DIC to “create a new programming stream” for syndication.

The first of these new cartoons, Stan Lee’s The Secret of the Super Six, even stars Stan the Man, voicing a cartoonist who guides six aliens through their new life on Earth.

I find I’m really pulling for Stan on this one… he needs to redeem himself after Stripperella.

Maguire Vows Sequel Better

Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Tobey Maguire says that the sequel to Spider-Man will be even stickier than the original.

At a news conference for his upcoming film Seabiscuit Tobey said “I’m really happy with it … It’s going to be better than the first one. The story is a lot better.”

He provided no details of the plot. All that’s known so far is that Peter is now attending college at Empire State University while Dr. Octopus and the Lizard plot his destruction.

EL CAZADOR Artwork Previewed

Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Newsarama has posted an article about CrossGen’s Pirate book El Cazador written by Chuck Dixon, pencilled by Steve Epting and debuting in September. This particular article copies the text from a previous Newsarama El Cazador article but adds several pages of Epting’s artwork.

If these pages are any indication this book will be a “must buy” every month, if for nothing else than to drool over the artwork. But with Chuck Dixon writing it I’m sure the story will be worth a monthly look too.

New Batman Animated Movie Release Date Set

Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Comics Continuum is reporting that a release date of October 21 has been set for the direct-to-video, full-length animated movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.

Also, the DVD will include an exclusive original Batman animated short, Chase Me.

The movie revolves around a mysterious new vigliante, going by the name Batwoman, taking up residence in Gotham. Three suspects emerge, all of whom have their own reasons for wanting to don the outfit. Batman must solve the mystery and convince Batwoman that they are on the same team before she hurts someone or herself.

Sony Hit With Another Lawsuit

Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Sony Pictures must think they’ve become a lawsuit magnet. Not only are they contending with Marvel’s suit against them over Spider-Man but now Robert Wagner has sued them claiming he’s entitled to half the profits from the two Charlie’s Angels big screen movies.

According to Yahoo Wagner and his late wife, actress Natalie Wood, became financially linked to ABC’s original Charlie’s Angels series thru a movie deal with series producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg.

Hi Lois, it’s a Funky Crankshaft Winkerbean

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Currently in the Crankshaft strip by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers and Funky Winkerbean by Tom Batiuk they are sharing a storyline where The Moores from Funky are looking to buy the house next door to Crankshaft.

Furthermore the house is being shown by realtor Lois Flagstone from the Hi and Lois comic strip by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne.

Lois is also the sister of Beetle Bailey if you didn’t know.

I just love this! 🙂

The Duplex vs The Boondocks

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Today’s (07/08/03) The Duplex by cartoonist Glen McCoy takes an unprecedented and blatant swipe at The Boondocks, the controversial strip by Aaron McGruder.

My eyes boggled when I saw that today. Certainly strips have referred to each other in the past usually in one off jokes based on the characters used or as homage, but this is a flat out no getting around it slug to the jaw from McCoy to McGruder.

Veeeery interesssssting.

Adult Swim Sculptures Available Aug 03

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Hey folks; Comics Infinity is now taking pre-orders for three statues that our “Adult Swim” fans will be sure to like.

All available in Aug 03 are: Space Ghost bust for approximately $90.00, Blue Falcon Statue also about $90.00, and finally a cool Harvey Birdman statue for just under $65.00.

Happy Hunting!

“Hulk Just Happy To See You

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

The PULSE has a link to an article in the UK paper The Sun regarding a 12-inch Hulk doll won as a carnival prize that came with a bonus.

A six year old girl won the plush Hulk figure in a can-hitting contest at the Brighton Pier. But she was perplexed by a mysterious bulge in his purple shorts. An investigation revealed the shocking truth: this Hulk doll was anatomically correct!

In the article there’s a picture of the girl with the doll in all his glory. It’s disturbing that a company would manufacture a carnival toy like this. But the picture of it is hilarious.

But be WARNED, when they say anatomically correct they ain’t kiddin’!!

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Joins THE PUNISHER Cast

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Newsarama is reporting that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos has joined the cast of The Punisher, playing opposite Thomas Jane and John Travolta. Romijn-Stamos has previously played Mystique in both X-Men and X-2: X-Men United. In The Punisher, she will play the role of Joan, the alluring neighbor of Frank Castle who has a troubled past and comes into Frank’s life after his family is killed.

Beatty And Robinson Officially Off GOTHAM KNIGHTS

Saturday, July 5th, 2003

At his official message board Scott Beatty confirmed that both he and artist Roger Robinson will leave Batman: Gotham Knights with issue #49.

AJ Lieberman, writer of DC’s Harley Quinn, will take over the writing chores with issue #50. Scott didn’t know who would take over the artistic reigns.

The wait is over! BG on DVD

Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Fans of Battlestar Galactica rejoice! The entire 24 Episode run of the classic series will be released in October, as a set, retailing for $119.98. This according to a Variety report cited by ICv2


Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Heh heh… There’s so much you can do with that “Hulk Smash” phrase…

Anyways, Comic Book Resources’ Comics2Film has a bit on Hulk‘s continued suffering. It appears that when the movie opens in Germany it will be on far fewer screens than earlier planned due to a boycott of United International Pictures by a large exhibitor called Cinemaxx. The company MAY agree to start showing the flick during its second week of release, but nothing is for sure yet.

I decided to post this because it’s kind of funny (yet sad) how much bad publicity Hulk is getting. You know, I stated in NEVER MIND – THIS LINK IS DEAD –my review that the movie made me do some good thinkin’, but I never thought it was a BAD movie, just a little different. It seems like America is kicking this not-so-jolly green giant around like a rusted tin can, making me wonder what effect this may have on the future making of comic flicks. Could this be the beginning of the end of what X-Men started?

New Iron Man writer/direction announced

Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

Newsarama has the interview on Iron Man’s new writer and direction here.

My only question: how on Earth does one come to conceive of Tony Stark as a liberal character?

Vote On Current Fuzzball Forum Art Challenge

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

Hey folks; There is currently a voting thread going on over at the NEVER MIND – THIS LINK IS DEAD –Fuzzball Forum for the entries for this month’s Art Challenge.

This month was a “pencils only” challenge featuring Ragman and Warlord.

Yours truly even has an entry!

So go get out the vote! And don’t forget to give some critiques on the art, we all love the opportunity to improve.

CrossGen Colorists On The Move

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

There’s new “hues” coming out of Tampa. Colorists Laura Martin, Nick Bell, Frank D’Armata, and James Rochelle will be swapping series and lending their talents to new pages.

Starting in August, Laura Martin will leave Ruse and set up shop on Negation. Laura’s handpicked successor for Ruse will be Frank D’Armata, who’s moving over from Crux. Nick Bell is leaving Route 666 to set sail on El Cazador. And, finally, James Rochelle will move from Negation to fill Bell’s spot on Route 666. No word on who will be taking over Crux.

Adult Swim merchandise at a mall near you!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

ICv2 is reporting that Cartoon Network has launched an exclusive deal with mall retailer Hot Topic to sell Adult Swim merchandise.

The stuff is also being sold online at the Hot Topic website

Alas, there is no Harvey Birdman merchandise yet. He’s on the mast head though, so perhaps he’ll star in phase two of the selling plan: New for Fall! Harvey Birdman!

I also noticed that they have Brak, Moltar and Zorak action figures, but not Space Ghost. Odd.

Activision Sues Viacom

Tuesday, July 1st, 2003

Yahoo is reporting that video game company Activision Inc. is suing Viacom over its Star Trek license.

Activision says Viacom let the franchise deteriorate by not releasing Star Trek films from 1998-2002, not promoting the TV series and allegedly deciding recently not to make any more Star Trek films or TV shows. This, in turn, hurt Activision’s sales of video games based on the property.

Last week Activision released their latest Star Trek game, Star Trek: Elite Force II.

Boy, lately it seems everyone wants to keep their lawyers busy.