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New Superman/Seinfeld spots are online…

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

and they’re funny. Watch them, and laugh at the humor.

New Hellboy Trailer

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

While this new Hellboy trailer doesn’t really show much you haven’t seen if you got your free 10-minute preview disk at Best Buy, it is fun to watch.

By the way…is anyone else getting sick of this “James Cameron nighttime blue” that’s in every big movie nowadays? It seems like every lighting guy must have gone to the same school.

Spider-Man 2 previews

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Spider-Man 2 Webisodes are now online.

Warner Post First Pics of New Batmobile Online

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Batmobile pics are here. The thing looks like a tank.

(Note: This post’s HTML has been re-edited by Michael, but Bruce still supplied the link.)

I need a tissue

Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

Oy vey. Tonight’s episode of Century City really got to me. Best episode yet. This one was about…oh, I can’t say, just watch the trailer on the CBS site it on Hulu. Good news, though! I thought there were only four episodes, which made me fear that this was just a mid-season dumping of a few episodes of a pre-cancelled show. (You know, like FOX did with “The Tick”. Oddly enough, both shows feature Nestor “Batmanuel” Carbonell, which prompts me to wonder if he’s a new Mickey Rourke of TV shows.) But tonight they advertised next week’s episode, which means the episode guide I saw before was only for March. Next week’s is something to do with picking and choosing your unborn child to only give birth to a kid with a high I.Q. Also, I think I saw a glimpse of Enrico Colantoni (the photographer on “Just Shoot Me” and the lead alien on “Galaxy Quest”); this show has done a great job of picking guest stars. Experimental drugs, bionics, cloning, genetic testing…Century City is really dealing with issues that are in their infancy now and probably won’t take until 2030 to be turned into the kind of legal cases we’re seeing here. Oh, by the way, I caught a cute glitch tonight. When asked several questions to prove his mental competency, the question, “Who is president of the United States?” is asked and the defendant answers, “Oprah Winfrey.” But the closed-captioning on my TV read, “Christina Aguilera.” Guess the writers couldn’t decide.

Von Fange Brothers Comic with Byrne cover

Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Cast Iron Comics announces the debut of the Von Fange Brothers book, sold online as of today. The cover is by John Byrne and it features a pecan pie recipe by none other than Kurt Busiek!

No, I don’t know how Fanzing’s favorite back cover artist Bill Wiist (creators of the VFB) managed to get those two to participate, but I have a feeling this book will get orders from the curious.

we assume 34

Monday, March 29th, 2004

That’s how old Michael Hutchison probably is today. Happy Birthday, pal!

give credit to Phil Meadows… he knew the date, not I.

MonitorDuty Staff Recognizes Mikey’s Birthday!

Monday, March 29th, 2004

more on Spider-Man 2 and Justice League Unlimited

Monday, March 29th, 2004

First, “Justice League Unlimited” is taking its name from a two-part episode of Batman Beyond, which I would have sworn was a test-run for Justice League. Now Justice League is becomming Justice League Unlimited. With the exception of those early Marvel titles where Unlimited was a euphemism/alternate for quarterly in these giant-sized publications I hate “Unlimited”… it sounds a lot like “Extreme” and like “Extreme” it doesn’t mean anything.

In any case we find out here the shows will be thirty minutes long but and there’ll be injuries that apparently mean something, a fact which means nothing to me. There is an item that appeals to me.

“The opening teaser a huge shot of the interior of the Watchtower and it’s literally just packed with every character you can imagine. I know it’s going to be a pause-fest going on, where people are picking out heroes.”

Phil Meadows says that he doubts that Black Lightning will be among those heroes in that shot. He is correct. Dwayne MacDuffie’s Static character has better odds of being in that shot than Tony Isabella’s original electric demigod. Black Vulcan literally has better odds. Well, I’m looking forward to Whitefish… I mean Aquaman.

There’s also some words and pictures regarding Spider-Man 2 but it’s pretty meaningless to me. I’m to go see it and no amount of hot air from Tobey Maguire (creeeeeepy) or Kirsten Dunst (homina homina) is going to make me see it faster. You can’t go faster than the speed of light after all….

Comics Return To NASCAR

Saturday, March 27th, 2004

Batman started it all. Then Superman popped up. Spider-Man and the Hulk have made appearances too. And now another comic book character will grace the tracks of NASCAR. Lions Gate has announced a team-up with Kodak to promote their upcoming The Punisher movie thru Kodak’s NASCAR sponsorship. The #77 Kodak Penske-Jasper Dodge will carry the familiar Punisher skull logo during this Sunday’s Food City 500 Nextel Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The #77 Kodak Penske-Jasper Dodge is driven by rookie Brendan Gaughan, an avowed Punisher fan who has designed a special Punisher helmet for the race.

It’s too bad that Dale Earnhardt isn’t around anymore. That white skull logo on the hood of the black #3 would’ve suited the Intimidator so perfectly.


Friday, March 26th, 2004

Several weeks ago I reported that a Season 1 DVD boxed set of the 70’s TV show Wonder Woman was being planned for release later this year. Now is reporting that the 3 DVD set will arrive in stores on June 29. The set will contain the 90-minute pilot episode from 1975 plus the 13 weekly episodes that made up the first season that ran in 1976-77. Also included will be a featurette entitled Beauty, Brawns and Bulletproof Bracelets: A Wonder Woman Retrospective and a commentary track (Lynda Carter will be contributing to the pilot track).

Important news flash for all film fans

Friday, March 26th, 2004

Two of the best movies ever made are being released in Region One DVD!

Disney is finally giving a DVD release to the last three Studio Ghibli films by Hayao Miyazaki (the last three that they haven’t already released, that is): Porco Rosso, My Neighbor Totoro, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (release date is August 31st)

Nausicaa suffered from an incomplete source material and rushed production, and it shows; it’s easily the weakest Ghibli work and you have my permission to skip it. However, My Neighbor Totoro is a rare joy (FOX already released it on DVD a couple years ago, but it’s English-only and it has about as many special features as I have bodybuilding-related trophies), and Porco Rosso remains one of my two or three favorite movies ever, no exaggeration.

Watching anime generally makes you a geek, but not Miyazaki’s films. Watching Miyazaki makes you a man.

How to Color for Comics

Friday, March 26th, 2004

Phil Meadows and I are trying to locate a copy of Antarctic Press’ How to Color for Comics. The company is out of stock of the book, so we can’t get it on Amazon, either.

Anyone know of a vendor that has a copy available?

Phil and I are just trying to get our Small Press Idol piece in tiptop shape for when we submit our color entry. (Oh, by the way, have you VOTED FOR US oh please oh please oh please?)

Family Guy resumes production!

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

It’s nothing short of a miracle in TV history, but a TV show is returning after 2 years due to the popularity of its syndication and CD box set sales. Family Guy is coming back (as was previously discussed, but it’s now officially in production)!

Could this possibly work for Futurama as well? One can only hope.

Elfman: How to Create an Icon

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Haddix HQ has online previews of the new book Elfman: How to Create an Icon

Sony Pictures Looks Ahead To SPIDER-MAN 3

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Knowing that the latest big screen adventures of Spider-Man will no doubt be a blockbuster Sony Pictures Posted in Movies | No Comments »

Punisher screenwriter lauds Dixon’s run on book

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

The writer of The Punisher film has credited Chuck Dixon’s run on The Punisher as a source of inspiration. Dixon, on his new Message Board, responds.

Hold the presses: Homer Simpson isn’t a good influence?

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

A nutritionist is chastising the Simpsons because Homer Simpson eats doughnuts and drinks beer, and suggests that maybe the creators of the show could have the characters eating healthier food. Makes me wonder how she could watch all those episodes of the show and not pick up on the point of it.

Spike TV gets the last manly Star Trek series

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

I was wondering when Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would finally get syndicated again or even picked up by somebody! It was a great show and even the least wuss-tastic of the 24th Century Star Trek series. The last episode sucked and Voyager went to some more left-leaning Utopian TNG traditions as it went on.

Deep Space Nine, complete with capitalism, bars, alcohol (not that synthehol crap), war, and genuine clean-cut enemies was some awesome bone-crushing stuff.

Even when they did that odd religion thing there was always some definitive stance on just what wormhole alien was good and what cave alien was evil.
Now the Network for Men has Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and it’s starting off with a freaking awesome marathon. The first two seasons plus the first two episodes of the third season are played in consecutive order!

From Monday, April 5 through Friday, April 9 Spike TV will broadcast nine hours daily of DS9 episodes from the first two seasons (and two episodes from Season Three), in consecutive order. From noon through 9:00 PM, ET/PT each day, fans can watch episodes from “Emissary, Part I” at noon on Monday and on through “The Search, Part II” at 10:00 p.m. on Friday.

There will be a one-two punch for Trek with both DS9 and TNG. Now, the bad news is that I don’t have cable. I can’t see it. Thanks to this wonderful exclusivity I can’t see Trek on normal televion. I hate that. I must earn cable!

Oh, and Voyager will come to Spike in 2006. After season one ends that show was so womanly it’s disgusting. I swear, with some brief exceptions every member of that crew tended to leak estrogen.

I loved the Captain Proton moments but for the most part these guys were weeners.

Century City is only an hour away!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Dang! My computer access is limited this week, so I haven’t had a chance to remind everyone to watch Century City tonight.

I love this show. I think I’ll even do something I haven’t done before: write to the network and tell them how much I like it to make sure they don’t cancel it.