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David Hayter to helm “Black Widow

Friday, April 30th, 2004

Black Widow Gets Director

We were just talking about screenwriter David Hayter, who had hoped to helm the filming of his “Watchmen” script. Now he gets to shoot the Black Widow.

World Exclusive Pic of Batman Begins costume!

Friday, April 30th, 2004

batmanew copy.jpg posted this colour pic that is featured in the ‘Entertainment Weekly’ issue that came out today.

I love the bat ears! The outfit looks great and the stance rocks for the shot. From only seeing this one shot, I have to say that I am still very optimistic about this project. Here is wishing the film crew and actors an inspiring and on-time/on-budget film shoot!

Dead Forum Walking

Friday, April 30th, 2004

Our forum has been down for well over two days now. EZBoards are working on dozens of their PUB servers and hundreds of board admins are posting complaints so it looks like a major outage, but EZBoard is putting up new servers to handle the load. I’ll let you all know when it starts working again.

World Exclusive Pic of Batman Begins costume!

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Batman Begins 011 copy.JPG posted this pic that will be featured in Entertainment Weekly’s issue that comes out tomorrow. We should see a color shot sometime tomorrow floating around the ‘net.

Starship Troopers 2?

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Apparently there was a straight-to-cable movie sequel to Starship Troopers, and Scott McCullar reviews it. There is an official web site from Sony, but there is an unofficial fan site which is better and oddly enough the movie promotes the URL for the fan site!


Thursday, April 29th, 2004

I just love Photoshop contests, like this one for “detouching” celebrities like Halle Berry. (I once tried to detouch Halle Berry, but the bodyguard made me stand back.)

Bizarro? Joker? Cute anime guy?

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Or could Michael Jackson be Helena Bonham Carter’s monkey lady Ari from Planet of the Apes? Or even one of the Evil Dead?

Link courtesy of Awful Plastic Surgery.

GREAT GUARDIANS! Hal Jordan returns!!!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Green Lantern: Rebirth will bring back Hal Jordan and return him to the Green Lantern role. Green Lantern will end with issue 181, to begin again shortly afterward. For more, see Newsarama.

Hal Jordan fans, rejoice, and give a hearty shout to Geoff Johns, the man with the golden touch.

MicroCon 2004 report

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Phil Meadows and I attended the Minnesota Comic Book Association’s MicroCon 2004 on Sunday, and it was an awesome experience.

I was up until 3:00AM the night before getting the Metro Med web site built enough that we could advertise it on the fliers. It was six hours long. The chairs were a tad uncomfortable (nice chairs, I’m just a chubby guy who doesn’t fit in them quite right). And we only sold a few issues of our comic and a couple other items.

Despite all that, it was a great convention that left me stoked. And here’s why:

Phil and I printed out a photo-quality print of our Metro Med contest entry pinup and had it on display in a plastic easel, and we promoted it on part of a flier that we were handing out. The response was inspiring and astounding.

Visitors wanted to buy the book. They asked if we had copies available now so they could buy it. They said it was an ingenious idea. They loved the print and praised Phil’s art. They said they’d go vote for us in the Small Press Idol because they want to read the book. They wished us the best in making it happen. They listened to more details about the book and liked what they heard. One friendly young woman even took a few fliers and said she was going to drop off photocopies of it at some comic shops in Chicago!

I’ve never had an experience like this. It’s such a change from the friendly and polite interest we’ve gotten in our two previous works. (Nothing against the quality or subject of our previous stories, just that you say “anthology” and people glaze over.)

This experience convinced me that I’m on to something, and Phil and I are going to push ahead on making this happen as a series, somehow. I’d be all for self-publishing if not for the fact that this comic really needs color. But once our first 8-pager is done we’ll shop it around to a few companies, plus we’ll talk it over with Dimestore. One way or another, baby, we’re going to turn this mother out.

The Minnesota Comic Book Association deserves a big salute for the fine guest services. (The lunch at MicroCon was a healthy and delicious homemade wrap sandwich. Much appreciated!) Their evil henchmen are the best, and we’d like to thank Nick of MNCBA for fitting us in. That’s no small feat; MicroCon has grown so much that they don’t have enough room for all of the professionals who can attend! It’s one packed con. I wouldn’t be surprised if they look to expand it the way they did FallCon. But MNCBA gave chairs to both Phil and myself and we are very grateful.

We missed Erik Burnham. We’ll be sure to get in early for FallCon’s attendees list so that Phil, Erik and I can sit together and promote Job Wanted and Shooting Star (and maybe even Mystic Visions Anthology if we win and get published in it).

Greg Land leaves CrossGen

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Greg Land has quit CGE, following the shelving of his “American Power” series with Chuck Dixon. No more is known at this time.

Requiem for a Dream director to helm “Watchmen”?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Aronofsky to Direct Watchmen?
That’s ICV2’s link to the scoop by Aintitcoolnews.

I dearly wish Terry Gilliam’s “Watchmen” had seen the light of day, since an early 1990s film could still have worked. But I fear any film version of Watchmen not set during the Cold War is going to be a failure. I’ve caught glimpses of a previous purported script and it seemed so drastically different from the film. I think a cut-down version of the book is possible, if it was done with Peter Jackson-like respect for the source material. According to “Moriarty” back in 2002, before the latest draft, screenwriter David Hayter’s script was just that.

Can Darren Aronofsky pull it off? If given the right script, he’s definitely one of the people on the short list who could do it right. But let’s face it; Hollywood’s blockbuster-factory is far more likely to ruin the whole project.

Lemmiwinks’ journey is not at an end

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

South Park Studios reports that their previously-announced, promoted and overhyped “Return of Lemmiwinks” has been…well, I’m not sure what you’d call it. For whatever reason they won’t make public, it will not air with these first six episodes of Season 8, nor will it air in the fall. Yet they say Lemmiwinks will return. Curiouser and curiouser.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, Lemmiwinks is a school gerbil who was…inserted into a man. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s that Richard Gere urban legend. Faced with death, Lemmiwinks began a magical journey through the intestines to the accompaniment of a 1970s balladeer. It’s all a big parody of the Rankin-Bass version of “The Hobbit.”

Raven House changes

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

Raven House rescheduled with new artist. The gothic horror miniseries will now premiere in August with Mike Perkins (of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) instead of Leonardo Manco as the artist. Will Perkins be changing books? What does this mean for his spy series? CGE isn’t saying.

Newsarama has a good interview with Chuck Dixon about the mini-series.

Latest AVP featurette

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

The most recent Alien Vs. Predator online featurette is not only illuminating but it makes me hopeful that this film is up to snuff.

Goodies: the characters and actors look better than the casts of Alien 3 and 4 (though Ron Perlman was good in that one; no slam against him intended), and the billionaire “Bishop” from Alien3 is back. Nice to see Lance Henriksen is in this.

Granted, previews are always tough to judge by. We all know how many movies have looked awesome and turned out to be total crud. But perhaps such fears are just a phantom menace, and I shouldn’t worry about an attack of a big budget clone.

almost out of action

Monday, April 26th, 2004

Action Man, the British equevalent of “GI Joe” is in danger of being laid low.


american power Q & A

Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Nobody from Monitor Duty asked these questions, yet Chuck Dixon answered them (thankfully they were what some other thinking people were asking). They are at Chuck Dixon’s message board, but given the lack of archive there I’m rescuing the stuff.

1) was AP creator owned? can you take it to Image or icon or dark horse? or is it Crossgen owned?

It’s a Crossgen owned property. For the foreseeable future it will not be appearing anywhere.

2) What was the gist of the series? would we see “real world” figures like bin laden or was that just for the covers?

It was as real world as a comic book can be and still be a comic book adventure.
It’s the exploits of s secret military team of scientifically enhanced soldiers. They perform the same function as Special Ops hunter killer teams currently perform worldwide in the War on Terror. We used real names and real places. Bin Laden would only appear in the book once he was captured in real life.

3) can you divulge any broad plots or characters bios?

I’m not at liberty to name or describe characters. And many of their names were working names to be replaced. We had a small team of operatives under the direct command of the United States Army and the NSC. The stories were to be free of irony and not present the weltschmerz so common to other books about clandestine operations. The lines between what is right and what is wrong would be sharply drawn. The stories were not being presented specifically to outrage the left. But we realized that the facts of the War on Terror are offensive to some and were willing to take the heat. It was not going to be a “political” book unless your idea of politics is that killing innocent civilians is excusable and going after the same killers with hammer and tongs is indefensible.

There you have it. The ninny ultra-cautionary leftist weasels have won another round.

you goin’ to hell, boy

Sunday, April 25th, 2004

An association between the boys at Underground Online and Mike Mignola (pronounce it as you wish, at your own peril) brings forth UGO’s HELLBOY 101, which is basically a primer for all the casual fans to get ensconced in the apropriate comics lore before they go see the movie. Or perhaps it’s for movie fans to get better acquainted with the comic book. Whatever.

Taste the wonders of a Hellboy timeline and a videographed Mike Mignola interview.


Metro Med site is up

Sunday, April 25th, 2004

A bare-bones web site has now been posted for Metro Med. It’s very basic at the moment, but it contains the pinup, pitch and detailed instructions for voting for us in the Small Press Idol.

It’s now 2:30AM and Phil and I are departing at 8:00AM to attend MicroCon up in White Bear Lake (north suburb of Saint Paul, MN). I hope you’ll join us!

Today is 24 Hour Comic Day

Saturday, April 24th, 2004

Scott McCloud created 24 Hour Comic Day and it seems to be an event that is growing in participation.

This year, participants include a few of the comic pros I keep tabs on. Scott Kurtz of PvP is going to do 24 strips in one sitting. He claims to have gotten some complaints that he’s not actually doing a full comic book like others are doing, but considering the sketchy quality of many of the offerings of 24 Hour Comic Day, I think if he can do 24 strips that are up to his regular quality that is a fine achievement. (Actually, staying up and being productive for 24 hours is an achievement!) You can follow Scott’s progress on his Moblog.

Chuck Dixon is writing a script which Dave Lamphear is illustrating.


Saturday, April 24th, 2004

For your completely random announcement of the day, you shall be informed that actor/model Djimon Honsou turns 40 today, if IMDb is to be trusted. Happy Birthday, Djimon!

Laugh now, but this information just might be important one day.

In related news, how come nobody ever told me that Deep Rising was so much fun?