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Acclaim bankruptcy

Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Video game maker ACCLAIM is filing chapter 11.

Farscape movie trailer online

Friday, August 27th, 2004

Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars premiers October 17th on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Losing a monitor, gaining an agent in the war on Terrorism

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Monitor Duty contributor Eric Spratling isn’t going to have much time to devote to Monitor Duty after this December. Why? Because he’s in the Army now. (To be grammatically correct, he will be in the army then, but that’s not singable.)

Our best to you, Eric. Just don’t screw up on the intelligence work.

Meanwhile, we need more contributors to Monitor Duty. Who’s up for it?

Straczynski confirms title for Babylon 5 feature movie

Saturday, August 21st, 2004

The Memory of Shadows is indeed the title of the much-rumored Babylon 5 feature film, which should star most of the series cast with the exception of the late Mr. Richard Biggs. J. Michael Straczynski confirmed the title, which has only been referred to as B5:TMOS until now, in the course of relating the events of Biggs’ memorial service.


Saturday, August 21st, 2004

Joe Crowe asks interviewees about their favorite pudding, and now he has assembled The Pudding List.

Alien vs. Predator vs. Ash?

Saturday, August 21st, 2004

Bloody Disgusting has a report from Alien vs. Predator which tells of a screening where people were making fun of the film during the screening! The director also talked of the studio’s cutting of the movie’s best parts, trimming for R-rated content and special effect scenes that were not ready.

When the Predator took off his helmet in front of Lex after the explosions someone shouted “Gimme some sugar, baby.” I mean, this movie was bad, but I didn’t expect these people to be so blatant about it.

When Anderson and the effects guys approached the tables, they were smirking with each other. The first subject that came up, no thanks to me, was the length and PG-13 rating.

So here it is, from the horses mouth.

About the studio’s cutting of the film, which he had no control over, he said, and I quote, “All of the best scenes were cut.” Anderson was obviously very annoyed at the way the film was released. However, this was not purely because of the PG-13 limitation, which incidentally, the studio enforced THREE WEEKS before the release date! It was always going to be R until then. Part of the reason for the cutting was that some of the effects were not ready by the time the release date came around. The effects team had very little time to do anything.

As far as the content that was cut, apparently we see all those who die, die on screen, but he also said that there is a sub-plot that we will have to wait for on DVD. Yes there will be an R-rated Director’s cut DVD although they don’t know the release date yet.

Note that the full article spoils a few scenes from the movie.

Puppets are doin’ it for themselves

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

According to the Drudge Report:

FLASH: The current version of the PARAMOUNT film TEAM AMERICA is a guaranteed NC-17, with surprisingly graphic scenes of puppet sex…


Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (from the Evil Dead) just might be a “go”. Sam Raimi is in talks with New Line Cinema to make another franchise crossover pic.

After all, Freddy Vs. Jason was a surprise hit, and this is the weekend when Alien Vs. Predator had a box office bonanza. (Did you notice that Roger Ebert didn’t even review it? What’s up with that? What did he think this is, Jackass: The Movie?)

I sure hope this happens. I’ve little appreciation for Freddy K, and I’ve never even seen a Friday the 13th movie (guy in hockey mask unstoppably butchers teens – what’s the big deal?), but how groovy would it be to see Bruce Campbell telling Jason, “Hail to the King, baby!” You also have him against Freddy, the guy who swallows souls, which lends itself to another catchphrase moment.

In lieu of a Evil Dead IV, this would do. Heck, it would be just what Raimi and Campbell need to make that picture, finally.

Warner Brothers: MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Our buddy Jayme Lynn Blaschke conducts An Interview with Paul Dini for RevolutionSF. Jayme is co-writer of the Green Arrow Fan site (along with another buddy of ours, Scott McCullar, writer of Green Arrow Secret Files and Origins #1 and the unofficial Green Arrow Answer Man during Kevin Smith’s run on the title). Apparently, Jayme was privy to some inside info on the next Batman straight-to-video animated movie and let it slip during the interview.

Why would Jayme know about the movie pitch? Because in it, Batman teams up with Green Arrow! Oh, and he also teams up with Zatanna and Elongated Man.

Wait, what? What was that?

It was an awful lot of fun to work with Alan Burnett on the script, titled “Batman’s Super Team-Ups.” Alan wrote the Batman/Green Arrow team-up segment, I wrote another chapter in the ongoing Batman/Zatanna relationship, and we both jammed on the big Batman/Elongated Man finale.



Gasp. Gasp. Pant. Gasp.

Okay, let me see if I have this clear. So far this year, Elongated Man has had a cameo in the first episode of JLU, he finally has his own action figure from DC Direct debuting in October, he already has a Justice League animated action figure on the way, which means he must be appearing in an episode sometime soon… and now he just may appear in a Batman animated movie, so long as Warner Brothers gives it the green light.

Wow. I could cry. Aside from his wife being raped and murdered and his unborn child dying with her, this has been the best year Ralph Dibny has ever had!

Deja vu

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

I can’t help it. I’m watching the trailer for After The Sunset and all I can think is, “Am I going crazy? Didn’t Pierce Brosnan already make the Thomas Crowne Affair?”

DC Comics panel at WizWorld Chicago

Saturday, August 14th, 2004

The only panel I’ve attended here at Wizard World Chicago was the DC Comics panel which gave some info on upcoming titles.

Geoff Johns reports that an upcoming arc in Teen Titans will have the team visiting their future selves a decade down the road, when the Titans have become Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, and they aren’t happy with the changes in their lives.

Meanwhile, JSA will be crossing over with the JSA of the 1950s.

Kurt Busiek takes over the chores on JLA. This isn’t new news. I merely report it to tell you that this announcement was followed by rousing applause of a roomful of happy fans. About as many as who cheered at the announcement that Hal Jordan returns to Green Lantern later this year. (Again, not news. A lot of this isn’t new news, but it was accompanied by full-color slides showing the covers.)

The Question wll be returning in a six-issue mini-series which looks to have a gritty realism.

THEN…they announced a special guest. David Goyer, writer of Batman Begins. At this announcement, a skinny young guy two chairs away from me the whole time got up and spoke!

Goyer said, in response to an audience question, that there were no “Bat-nipples”, no product placements, no neon street gangs. (Applause!) Someone asked if they were very glad that Joel Schumacher was nowhere near the movie. Bob Wayne of DC said they were trying to be diplomatic…but he had introduced the trailer as, “We’re glad we can show a trailer for a Batman movie that we know you’ll all enjoy.”

Goyer was asked if there was going to be a sequel! He said that there was almost certainly to be a sequel, though that was a long way off. The person who asked then asked who would be the villain in that one and who would play him. (Geesh. Fanboys.) Goyer added that this movie is essentially a reboot of the Batman films, and new movies will be starting afresh.

As for the Batmobile (which has been spotted filming on the streets of Chicago along Wacker Drive), Goyer said that they wanted a car which worked and looked like it could take a corner without rolling over. (The previous Batmobile wasn’t able to do much besides charge in a straight line.)

Later today was a Green Lantern/Batman Begins event which would reveal a number of new tidbits of info, but you needed a wristband from the DC booth to attend. By the time we could even exit the room and get back to the booth, the wristbands were already gone! Sorry, folks.

This doesn’t make sense

Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Why would they open Alien Vs. Predator on the weekend that all us hip geeks will be at Wizard World? The whole convention center is going to be filled with downcast nerds itching to be in a movie theater watching the ultimate deathmatch movie! And forget sneaking off to catch it there; I can’t imagine trying to get a seat opening weekend in CHICAGO is going to be much fun.

By the way, I’ve just rewatched the Alien Quadrilogy and I have to say that the Alien franchise is kinda overblown. I mean, they’re just a bunch of deadly animals that crumple in the face of firepower, which is why their opponents in the movies are always humans who are unarmed, unprepared, untrained or outnumbered. The anti-corporate hysteria is also a bit tiresome…though I loved the deleted scene from Alien: Resurrection where a doctor mentions that the Weyoun-Yutani corporation got bought out by Wal-Mart.

They still let Schumacher make movies?

Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

Oh well, at least The Phantom of The Opera is supposed to be a garish musical spectacle!

Michael Dorn gets to play captain!

Monday, August 9th, 2004

Starship Regulars, a Flash animated show, features Michael “Worf” Dorn and Diedrich Bader of The Drew Carey Show.

Critics and public applaud Catwoman for not having been worse.

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

The Onion | Movie Praised For Not Being As Bad As It Could Have Been:

“Catwoman is the kind of once-in-a-blue-moon summer blockbuster that makes going to the movies slightly less non-fun again.”

This piece is just way too spot-on about many aspects of summer movies.

Hey, Wha’ Happen’?

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Geez, where is everyone? I spend a couple days working hard on a garage sale, finally drag my bone-weary carcass back to the home office and find that NO ONE else is posting?! What’s going on?

Well, I’m going to ramble and talk about personal stuff. I don’t often do this, but why not?

First off, I’m getting ready for Wizard World. I’ll be there with artists Phil Meadows and Erik Burnham. This is going to be a weird convention. I’ve spent over half a year getting ready to talk to DC’s Dan DiDio again to request permission to submit to DC. Last time, November of 2003, I had the misfortune of learning that DC was relaunching the Metal Men in 2005, and that was the project I was planning to pitch if Dan said yes. Now it’s six months later, Metal Men are still on the project list, Firestorm is back, Adam Strange gets a book, and my lifelong dream writing project, Elongated Man, is now in ruins (as are a few dozen great stories I’ve dreamed up). In other words, next week I may very well get permission from Dan to submit to DC…but I have no frickin’ clue what I can pitch short of a Zoo Crew relaunch!

In other news, I have a new desk setup. I’m selling my old $1100 desk because it was just so huge. It took up too much room. This new digital dock system is just right and has opened up space for me to work. Anyone want to see a digital pic of the new desk?

The old desk is just one of many big furniture items that didn’t sell at my garage sale. But the good news is that we sold dozens and dozens of DVDs and old VHS tapes. (Not a single one of my MST3K video tapes were bought, oddly enough, so look for those soon on eBay.)

Oh, and I need to find a CD clock radio with a digital radio tuner to replace the old cassette clock radio I sold today. Here’s what I’ve found on Amazon. Which one do you guys think I should buy?

cover cover
cover cover
cover cover

New Shark Tale trailer

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

The newest trailer for “Shark Tale” is up. Other new trailers include “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”, which probably just looks lame because I’m not into the video game;“The Forgotten”, another psycho mindbender movie which looks either terrific or way too complex to be believable; Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles; and a thriller featuring Cary Elwes (yay!) and Danny Glover (hm) called “Saw”, which I may have to skip just because of Glover. (I know, I know, if I boycotted everyone in Hollywood who donated money to things I’m against I’d only be a book-reader. But I have to draw the line somewheres, and I’ll start with Free Mumia supporters. Of course, Mike Farrell voices Jonathan Kent… dang, you see how hard this is?)

The Apple site also lists Batman Begins as a new trailer, but I think they’re linking to the trailer I pointed you all to weeks ago.

Get Funky with Uhura!

Friday, August 6th, 2004

Sci-Fi has a trailer for the new Star Trek DVD sets, and I must say it is unique in its presentation.

Want a free $6 comic?

Thursday, August 5th, 2004

Awright, here’s the deal…

All the rave reviews for our time traveling comedy story in SSCA #4 is making artist Phil Meadows and I a bit wistful about our first tale that ran in Job Wanted. We received our copies rather late, when there wasn’t a lot of time for sending out advance copies for reviewers. And of those reviewers, some of their addresses were wrong, or they got them late in the mail, or the address went to the person who runs the web site instead of the reviewer. (Augie de Blieck said he was looking forward to reviewing it…and then he didn’t get his copy! Bwaaaah!) Suffice to say, the number of reviews was meager.

For a while, we thought that Diamond was going to relist “Job Wanted”, since Shooting Star Comics relists their previous anthology whenever their next anthology debuts. This failed to come about because….and this is how stupid the system is…since we didn’t sell all that many copies the first time, they didn’t want to relist it. Since we were trying to sell a $6 book in the same month that every comic shop in the world has all their petty cash sunk into “JLA/Avengers #1”, you’d think they’d let us try again.

SO! …

If you’ll review the book now, you can get it for free.

I’ve got 1000 copies of this book left to sell, and now it’s exclusively sold over the Internet. Most reviewers review books the week they’re on the stands, but this is a one-shot so what does it really matter? I’m selling it for a buck less than the cover price and throwing in free shipping, plus I can sign it if you like, so this is BETTER than buying it in the store!

If you’re a reviewer, you can get a free copy of Job Wanted by e-mailing me. Give me your name, address and link me to an example of your reviews to prove you’re legit. If you review in print, just tell me where. I don’t care where you write, so long as you have a readership that’ll buy the comic. (Also, include whether you would like to be on review copy mailing lists, which I’ll save and forward to both Shooting Star Comics and Dimestore Productions. You’ll get more free comics, so long as you review them.)

All I ask is that agree to review the book and that you include a link to the site where they can buy it, regardless of whether your review is positive. If you can spare a few words for our story “Enigma In Outer Space“, that would be a bonus.

Everyone else: To help out a fellow American who’s down on his luck (a favorite line from 8 Ball Bunny), click over to Job Wanted and buy a copy now via Paypal (or e-mail me for alternative payment methods). I’ll have your book in the mail ASAP!

Reminder: Phil and I will be at WizardWorld in Chicago next week, so you can meet us and get a copy there, too. We’ll be at the Shooting Star Comics booth during specified signing times.

Another rave review for Time Meddlers

Thursday, August 5th, 2004

Shooting Star #4 got reviewed by Silver Bullet Comics’ Small Press department, and my story “Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers” received another thumbs up. Exxxxxxcellent. (Hard to type when I’m steepling my fingers.)

Everyone loves SSCA #4. You haven’t bought yours yet? Grab it online!