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Jonah Hex preview online

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

DC Comics now has a preview of Jonah Hex #1.

Comic books and inflation

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Comic books have been verging on $3 for the last few years. Are the increasing prices consistent with inflation? Not really, as far as I can tell, though it’s difficult to calculate due to the changing comic book economy.

(Hat tip to Walter Williams’ column on gasoline which linked to a handy inflation calculator.)

A 20 cent comic in 1971 would, if adjusted for inflation, cost 90 cents today. Maybe that’s not a fair comparison, since a 1971 comic wouldn’t resemble today’s product.

What about the comics of 20 years ago? Crisis on Infinite Earths cost $.75 in 1985; adjusted for inflation, a comic like that printed today should sell for $1.33.



Yeah, that’s me.

Monday, August 29th, 2005

I got thanked on the Best of the Web again. The airbus joke was mine.

(Yes, again. I’ve previously sent in The Taiwan joke and the time capsule Onion link. I don’t even remember which items I submitted on this page and this one, so don’t ask.)

Willingham speaks out on Batman 644 controversy (SPOILERS BIG TIME)

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Batman 644 reveals the real killer of Stephanie Brown (Robin nee Spoiler). It turns out it was Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who killed her just to try to send Batman a message. (Swipe that to see the identity.) Bill Willingham has addressed the numerous outraged fans with a message that boils down to “controversy is good, anyone crying over it is a disturbed geek and no one is going to quit reading Batman over it.”


In a World…

Friday, August 26th, 2005

This is a hilarious promo film (in Quicktime format) for the Hollywood Reporter’s “26th Annual Key Art Awards”. (You can right-click on it and choose “save as”.) It features the five men who perform almost all of the voice-overs in Hollywood.

(EDIT: Oops, I forgot the link. Sorry!)

Heavens to Murgatroyd! I found the definition!

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Rod D. Murgatroyd reveals the origin of the word Murgatroyd, his family name.

A constable appointed by the king chose to rename himself Johanus de Morgateroyde, or John of Moor Gate Royde.

Moor-gate-royd roughly translates to “the clearing on the way to the moor.” What an impressive title.

And I thought it was spelled Mercatroid based on Snagglepuss’ pronunciation of it!

This game looks impossible

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

N-Game has about 10 ways to bloodily die in every level.

Cool Spidey site

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Spidey Kicks Butt – The Ultimate in Spider-Man Commentary

Chris Franklin’s Wizard World report

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Chris Franklin, of Shooting Star Comics, has a report about WizardWorld Chicago.

Maybe I should just shut up, then.

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

All my yammering yesterday about the slight fuzziness of the print quality for Metro Med #0 may be worrying about nothing. I talked to Mark at Jimmy Jams Comics last night. He said he’d finally seen a copy and it looked just fine; he didn’t know what I was fretting about.

So, just to make it clear:
1) Average comic reader probably won’t care, except to squint a bit at the text pages (so I’ll put those text files on the Internet)
2) The type of comic reader who primarily cares about art should just be aware that this isn’t the best that our art could look and the real Metro Med book debuting in 2006 will have resolved all of our technical difficulties. That’s all.

REVIEW: Bullock’s Law

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Picked this one up at the con, just cuz I like Bullock. I glanced at the credits. Dixon. Shoulda known. Dixon’s name has been appearing on a surprising number of the comics I bought, and in most cases I wasn’t even aware he was one of the creators! It’s a pleasant surprise.

I loved this one. It is dated 1999, though it clearly happens before No Man’s Land. And I have to say, it was probably a welcome relief from that year of dark, desperate Batman tales. The book borders on flat-out comedy. Bullock’s his ol’ unrepentant self, awash in Pesti cola and donuts while watching classic movies in his slop-hole of an apartment. It is the story of Bullock’s temptation toward cooperating with Black Mask. Bullock freely admits he crosses the line to get the job done, but this is becoming an all-out dirty cop. His solution is dirty but it gets the job done.

Art is, if I recall correctly, Flint Henry.

If you haven’t read “Bullock’s Law”, I’d urge you to seek it out.

…though I can’t see Buscemi as the center square.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

This is the first I’ve heard of the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ live-action movie debuting June 2006. I fondly remember the cartoon, though, especially Paul Lynde as the voice of Templeton.

So who is voicing Templeton in the movie? Steve Buscemi! Brilliant!

Metro Med #0 – The Ashcan Edition

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

I know, I still haven’t followed up on my post about Wizard World Chicago. My life’s been hectic for this entire month, and I’ve had very little time on the computer. I was going to wait until Shooting Star’s online store was ready to go, but I think you’ve all been waiting long enough to hear about my newest comic book, Metro Med #0.

The Ashcan edition of Metro Med debuted at Wizard World Chicago. Artist Phil Meadows and I would like to thank the folks at Shooting Star Comics for helping us get a Metro Med comic in people’s hands this year. I felt that I’d teased folks enough for the last year and we had to get a comic of some sorts out, so artist Phil Meadows knuckled down to meet the deadline and Shooting Star comics went to great lengths to produce this comic in time for Wizard World Chicago. Shooting Star artists Erik Burnham and Robert Bavington helped us with a few additional art pieces. They even footed the bill for an eye-catching color cover, which is going above-and-beyond for a convention ashcan. I want to thank all of them again for making this happen.

“Metro Med #0” contains two 8-page stories. The first one is the story that was submitted to (and won) the Small Press Idol 2004. The second was made just for this book. There’s also a gorgeous two-page spread of our principal cast by Phil Meadows, plus pin-ups of some of our superhero characters by Erik and Robert, and a map and short history of the Tri-Metro area where our story takes place. All of that in a beautiful package for $2.

I do need to stress that this is an inexpensive ashcan edition, and it revealed a few technical glitches that we need to work out. There was some fuzziness to the printing, which is a problem on a few of my biographical text pages which have small print. Due to those flaws, the copies printed for Wizard World are all that will ever be printed of this volume. (The nice part of that is if Metro Med becomes the next Tick or Turtles, the ashcan copies will be collectibles.)

We don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s eyestrain reading the fuzzy small text pages. For this reason, I’ve decided that all of the text pages will become part of the Metro Med web site for everyone to see. (I will, of course, censor some of it so that I don’t reveal surprises from the stories.) I still have to update the Metro Med site; I’m hoping to have some time for that this weekend.

I hesitate to draw attention to the flaws in the printing, but I owe it to Phil and the rest of the art team to stress that their work will look better in the Metro Med book when it debuts in a year. In the meantime, this $2 ashcan is your chance to read Metro Med. Shooting Star Comics will have the book available for purchase shortly, when their online store goes live in a few days. Rest assured, I’ll tell you in this space when it’s possible to get a copy.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked about the stories and whether you need to read them. Without giving anything away…yes, although there’s the possibility that these 8-pagers might be reprinted or collected later, it would be best if you read them before issue #1 debuts.

Apologies to all our genuine linkers!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

I’ve been meaning to add a plugin to our site that will screen out the spammed comments and trackbacks…and I just did something stupid that makes it clear I need to do that soon!

I was clearing out all of the “animal sex,” “black history month sex” and “casino” trackbacks, as I do every day. It’s time-consuming, as I need to select “check all” and then uncheck all the legitimate trackbacks. However, today I goofed up and wiped out the good trackbacks and kept all the spam! I apologize to all of the folks at sites like The Sock Drawer, DVD Player News, Dial B for Blog and others (their names sadly lost) who linked to our articles.

Recommended by Chuck Dixon

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Chuck Dixon has this to say about the new book, Hellbent: The Art of Flint Henry:

My good pal has a sketchbook being released this week from SQP. It’s an oversized paperback with tons of his madly detailed drawings he’s done for minature figues and toys, some of his own bizarre imaginings and a previously unpublished comic story. If you know Flint’s work you’ll kinda know what you’re in for. But be warned: the book is very much adults only. I highly recommend it. It’s a short peek into that rat’s nest of a mind of his.


Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

According to December 6 will see the release of Batman: The Animated Series Volume 4, which will collect the 24 episode series The New Batman Adventures. This will also bring a close to the collections of the Bruce Timm-produced Batman animated series.

Great Quote from the classic Batman

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

The 1966 Batman Tv Tribute Site- Catwoman #1 Julie Newmar

I haven’t seen the episode in question, but this audio clip sounds hilarious. (But I don’t have Realplayer at work so I haven’t heard it yet.)

Oh yeah, the page also has lots of hot Julie Newmar pics.

Catwoman: “I can give you more happiness than anyone in the world, I mean its me and you against the world.”
Batman: “ooh, What about Robin?”
Catwoman: “Well, I’ll have him killed.. painlessly! Well he is a bit of a bore with his holy this and holy that… “
Batman: “Aw That does it Catwoman, I thought you had a modicum of decency, but I can see that I erred in my judgment!”

Click that link to hear the quote, too.

Remembering the Blaxtranauts

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

The Old Negro Space Program is a parody of Ken Burns films, and it’s extremely well-done and extremely funny.

(Warning: Contains profanity.)

Return of the Squirrel

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

Erik Burnham gives a preview from the next Nick Landime book.

THE DOOR – Current Issue Cover

Saturday, August 20th, 2005


THE DOOR is the world’s only religious satire magazine. It really has some funny stuff (especially the cartoons). Plus, the interviews can be quite amazing, too! Anyhow, I came across this image and thought it conveys the spirit of our times indeed.