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Let’s face it… They DO look silly!

Monday, October 31st, 2005

Yet another Matt Gardner classic. This one involving the Marvel Super Villains and their ‘ahem’ choice of fasion sense.

FallCon 2005 recap

Monday, October 31st, 2005

It took me three weeks due to vacation and illness…and prepping all the images, of which there are many…but here is my summary of FallCon 2005. Sorry it’s a bit late, but I think it’s worth it. FallCon is the annual October two-day convention held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN, by the Minnesota Comic Book Association. They also hold a one-day MicroCon in the spring, and I attend those as well.

I’ve been attending FallCon for at least 8 years now, and now that I’ve been to several mid-western conventions I think I can safely say that it is the best by far. I hope you…yes, specifically YOU, dear reader…will put it on your calendar for next October. It’s always well-attended, and yet it really deserves to have about three times as many people there.

con shot 1.jpg

This was a bittersweet convention for me because it’s the last one I’ll be able to attend with my regular artist, Phil Meadows. Next year, Phil will be living back in Alabama and won’t be able to attend. This was also the first con where we had copies of Metro Med #0 to sell, though I’m sorry to say we didn’t attract enough people by our table. It didn’t help that I spent too much time away from my spot due to… well, let me explain.


By the way, Today’s Halloween

Monday, October 31st, 2005

Mark Steyn’s horror movie reviews come off as a bit whiney, though it would be hard not to whine when the subjects are “The Blair Witch Project,” “Interview With The Vampire,” “Wolf” and “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.”

Especially “Blair Witch.” It’s fashionable to hate the movie now, but I hated it back before it was hip. Actually, that’s not true; I considered it a wasted opportunity. All of the “wandering in the forest” footage is an irritating timewaster. I realize they’re trying to be “unscripted” while ad-libbing, but the repetitious whining of “where the @&$# are we?” gets on my nerves. I may never have been an Eagle Scout, but I know enough to say, “Let’s figure out which way is north and walk in one direction.” And frankly, I’m a boring guy to be around but if I was wandering in the forest I could at least make some attempts at conversation. The great thing about being raised with inhibitions against swearing is it forces you to develop a vocabulary. In 90 minutes, there is one interesting bit of conversation where one guy corrects the others that it was “The Skipper” on Gilligan’s Island, not “The Captain”. That’s weak, I know, but what does it say about this movie that it’s the only line in 90 minutes that isn’t some derivation of “JOSH!” or “Where the f*** is the map?”

I think the most disappointing thing about the movie was that the Sci-Fi Channel’s promotional documentary was better written, more informative and quite creepy, wetting your whistle to go see a movie about three foul-mouthed incompetents who don’t know how to find North portrayed by three meager actors who don’t know how to ad-lib.

Let’s be careful out there

Monday, October 31st, 2005

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) worm plays nasty new trick

I’m an authority now

Monday, October 31st, 2005

John Britton points out that I was quoted in a legal journal.

Mandela Man?! – Nelson Mandela Launces Series of Comic Books

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Mandela Launches Series of Comic Books – Yahoo! News

Bruce Bachand misses golden opportunity

Friday, October 28th, 2005

I saw that news item about George Takei and clicked over to Monitor Duty to begin my write-up, my mind culling Star Trek trivia for the appropriate headline.

“Mr. Sulu, you have the Coming Out.”
“Star Trek cast now even more diverse.”
“Gold for command, red for security…what’s pink?”
“When did Mr. Sulu find the incilination to have a family?”
“Oh sure, next you’ll tell me Harvey Fierstein is gay.”

So what does Bruce, who beat me to it, use as his headline? “Mr. Sulu comes out as gay/homosexual”

I’m going to have to send Bruce off to riffing class.

Just What Are They Saying In Chinese?

Friday, October 28th, 2005

A few days ago, possibly last week, duivba and I were discussing Firefly and Serenity and he stated that he wished he knew what the characters were saying when they were speaking in Chinese.

I found the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary so now we can look up what Mal, Wash, and the others are saying when they start to speak in Chinese. It’s not just profanity, folks, but it is peculiar and fascinating.

Is “Dark Knight, Dark City” a Story Worth Reading?

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Greg Burgas asserts that it is. I’ve only read a few issues of this Batman storyline but I dislike the use of the Riddler to suffocate babies and….. the story is bleck gross in my view.

Mr. Sulu… ‘Comes Out’ As Gay/Homosexual This Week

Friday, October 28th, 2005

CNN reports the following on George Takei’s decision to acnknowledge publicly that he is a homosexual:

“George Takei, who as “Star Trek’s” Sulu was part of the Starship Enterprise crew through three television seasons and six movies, has come out as a homosexual in the current issue of Frontiers, a biweekly Los Angeles magazine covering the gay and lesbian community.”

More Donner Superman II Data

Friday, October 28th, 2005

This is only historical stuff, but I actually do recall viewing some of this deleted footage that is being discussed. I’ll stand by these anecdotes.

Richard Donner is working on Superman Again

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Let’s see if I can summarize this concisely, properly, and accurately. Way back in the day Richard Donner directed Superman: the Movie and filmed both that film and Superman II simultaneously, much like what Peter Jackson did for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and what the Watchowski Brothers did with the last two Matrix films. The original first Superman film was released in more than one final version and released in multiple editions on film, television, and distributable home video media. I won’t list them. Superman II, as we saw it, was directed by Richard Lester. Donner’s film (the actual recorded medium, not the finished movie as it was never assembled) was put into storage and Lester actually re-shot most of Donner’s sequences If Donnor did it, Lester re-did it. All of the Luthor appearances in Superman II are either shots taken from the first film or stuff with a body double. Gene Hackman did not knowingly or willingly perform the character for Superman II under Richard Lester’s direction.

So there is a Richard Donner Superman II existing in some state, but the film was never finished, and the shots never officially assembled for us the fans and viewing public. I still like Superman II an awful lot and I love the brawl between the Phantom Zone villains and the Man of Steel. In fact, it’s likely my favorite movie of the series. The reason that all of this is relevent is that apparently Richard Donner is going to do some work on the Superman II DVD. To what extent I cannot tell you.

Many thanks AGAIN to the Superman Homepage.

UPDATE: Steve Younis made an addition to the announcement on Donner’s special edition–a scan of the relevent Dreamwatch magazine “Buzz” column. It’s presented below.

dreamwatch-S2dvd.jpg click to make bigger, of course

I’m still thanking the Superman Homepage.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a lawnmower…

Friday, October 28th, 2005

See the flying lawnmower!

STEPHEN KING and MARVEL join forces!

Friday, October 28th, 2005

Stephen King and Marvel Comics have officially announced that they are going to colloborate on a whole new project that acts as the eighth book of the DARK TOWER series. This Dark Tower comic book series will begin in April and be collected in hardback in the fall of 2006. Eisner-award winner Jae Lee is doing the art work.

This will mark the first time Stephen King is making original material directly for a comic series and he sounds very excited about it. “As a lifelong fan of Marvel comic books, and as an adult reader who’s seen comics ‘come of age’ and take their rightful place in the world of fantasy and science fiction, I’m excited to be a part of Roland’s new incarnation,” said Stephen King.

The mini-series will star Roland and present all new stories of his early life, showing just what events came to shape the Last Gunslinger. Cool! Me is a happy Kistler now! 😀

For the official press release, follow this LINK.

I’m a big gorilla, and I want a big serial!

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

King Kong might get renamed King Long. Peter Jackson has negoitated a 3 hour running time for the new King Kong. That means fewer showings a day for a movie that is now trying to make up for a $200 million budget.

But I predict that this movie will be far more successfull than Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds”.

Infinite Crisis – Perez Cover For Issue #2

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005


Looks sweet!

All kinds of little clues and glimpses on that baby. Thanks to NEWSARAMA for yet another exclusive.

Are all the Teen Titans going to be in the cartoon?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

In case you didn’t know, the new season of the animated Teen Titans has launched a season-long storyline pitting the Titans against the Brotherhood of Evil (after kicking off with a surprisingly faithful Doom Patrol two-parter). This led into the Brotherhood uniting ALL of the Titans enemies…which is rather similar to the season-long Legion of Doom plotline on JLU!

Comics Continuum reports that future episodes of Teen Titans will be introducing Kid Flash (or possibly Impulse, if they want the unique name, though it’s definitely Bart’s Kid Flash outfit in the preview art), Red Star, “three rambunctious future superheroes” (?) and… and… Gnarrk.

Gnarrk, seriously.

Alan Kistler’s Profile On: THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

He has super-strength, telepathy, bullet-proof skin, shape-shifting (which also allows invisibility and intangibility), Martian vision, some super-speed, and flight. Even with all his power, he prides himself moreso on being a detective and having a finely trained analytical/tactical mind. He’s been alive for centuries and may still be alive long after this planet is gone. His only weaknesses are fire, his own sense of compassion, and Oreo cookies. Yet some still see him as a second-stringer, just a nod to Superman and not a hero in his own right.

Whatever the case may be, let’s look back on the history of a character who has quite simply refused to die or be sent to comic book limbo. The heart and soul of the Justice League himself, J’onn J’onzz, Manhunter from Mars.


This might be a bad movie, but it has a great trailer!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Slither looks to be another horror/comedy akin to “Eight Legged Freaks”, albeit with many more legit scary parts. And it stars Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal of “Serenity”).

New “Chronicles of Narnia” Trailer … Truly Staggering To See!

Friday, October 21st, 2005


There is a glorious new trailer here. You know, I really should read these kinds of books (i.e., Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc.).

I think this movie is gonna kick some serious Narnia butt!