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How Lost Ended Tonight, Because Some of You No Doubt Missed It

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Extended episodes are symptomatic of unthoughtful, inconsiderate jerks.* It was an annoying, and anger-inducing thing to actually make a show longer than the announced run-time, especially when the last five minutes can be the most important ones. The sentimental and even economic consequences are explored here.

I was going to write a review of the episode myself, I believe, because some parts are wierd. But I have not seen the entire episode so I cannot, but for those of you whom ABC had cut off, we’ll provide the ending. Needless to say, there are spoilers after “the jump.” Actually, I need to say it.


DC To Be Featured On USPS Stamps

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Next year will see DC Comics characters appearing on the new 39 cents postage stamps. Most likely, the stamps will be released in conjunction with the San Diego Comic-Con, July 20-23 although some sources are claiming they won’t have them until September 1. There will be 20 stamps that will feature only 10 heroes; one stamp will show the hero, the other will show a comic book cover featuring the hero. It isn’t known which interpretation of the hero (modern or classic) will be featured on the character stamp.

Below is the breakdown of the characters and correpsonding cover:

1) Superman – Superman #11, 1941
2) Green Arrow – Green Arrow (Vol. 2) #15, 2001
3) Green Lantern – Green Lantern #4, 1961
4) Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman (second series) #22, 1987
5) Batman – Batman #1, 1940 (with Robin)
6) The Flash – Flash #111, 1960
7) Plastic Man – Plastic Man #4, 1943 (with Woozy Winks)
8) Aquaman – Aquaman (third series) #5, 1989
9) Hawkman – The Brave and The Bold #36, 1961
10) Supergirl – Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1, 1982


They’ve now released the sheet image:

According to a Commercial I Saw Last Night…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

The broadcast of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that we will see tonight will be extra-special because it has been “re-mastered”!

The apocalypse has come. The end of the world is nigh. The obsession with re-mastering things has come to ye olde classic Christmas special? I have an odd feeling it will be in widescreen as well.

Yes, Hutch, I did spy that thing about looping it in your wedding video, it was hilarious.

Back to the matter at hand…. in order to make clear how re-mastered Rudolph was CBS ran and compare-contrast to “original Rudolph”. I thought it was odd that the reel they used to compare looked worse than any Rudolph that I had ever seen or remember seeing. They switched in a crap Rudolph reel to make the “re-mastered” vision look good, I swear.

Regardless, it’s just wierd. A wierd, wierd compulsion. Also: it’s not December but Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer is being aired. It just seems so pre-mature.

No links, I am sorry…. unless one of our contributors has a clip of the relevent commercial…

So what if I was wrong about Threshold tonight?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

It would be only the first time that TitanTV has failed me. Criminal Instinct was indeed on tonight.

That the team solved the case hinges on a line based on a subplot that I found to be offensively and unneccessarily sociopolitical. I don’t need that stuff while having TV on in the background!

Salute to Steven J. Cannell

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Scott Kurtz? Aaron Williams? A salute to the “great” television of the late 1970s and early 1980s like Knight Rider, A-Team and Greatest American Hero? I am so there.

“Truth, Justin and the American Way” just went on my pull list! (If it’s no longer on the main page of PVP, then click here.) Scott Kurtz just confirmed the news at PVP since it was broken at Lying in the Gutters.

Now, is it just me or does this Justin’s face look exactly like Luke Skywalker’s?

Dixon interview for Comics Review

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The Comics Review Forums has a nice interview with comic legend Chuck Dixon. Always good to hear from Chuck. He doesn’t plug his two upcoming books from Shooting Star, but they’re coming out in 2006 so perhaps it’s too early to mention them.

I now fear Scott at Polite Dissent

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

When I got married in 1999, I had some things I wanted to do in the ceremony. I wanted to perform “Come Live With Me and Be My Love” (which really is so beautiful you may not realize it’s a P.D.Q. Bach song from his “Liebslieder Polkas”), and I even got the sheet music, but I just couldn’t get it organized with my friends. And I really wanted to switch from our processional music right to the blasting horns part of “The Imperial March” when the groom (me) entered, but I chickened out. (I’m looping it in for the DVD, though.) All in all, we had a nice normal beautiful ceremony, aside from the M&M characters on one of our wedding cakes (and not the official cake). I just wish I’d gotten a little more inventive.

Like THIS GUY. What a cool ceremony. Of course, what would you expect from a guy with a Comic Book Advent Calendar?

I found Scott at Polite Dissent amongst our registered TypeKey commenters and checked out his site. I remember linking to one of his posts a long time ago, but I’d forgotten to keep Polite Dissent in my bookmarks.

So, he’s into comics and politics and medicine, and especially likes nitpicking medical science in comic books? Now I’m scared. This is exactly the kind of guy who’s going to haunt me when I am doing a superhero medical book. (I already know that I glossed over a medical point in the first Metro Med story, but there’s only so much you can do in the space of one word balloon.)

(Yes, I’m just teasing him. Actually, I need to get a copy of MM #0 off to him in the mail.)

Let’s cleanse the palate, shall we?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Okay, I watched Tom Cruise killing Oprah again and then watched Bananaphone. Then a quick visit to Khaaan and I’m better.

So What if Threshold is Cancelled?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

TeeVee told me that Threshold was cancelled about two days ago but I was too busy and/or preoccupied to post. (My self-involvement involves getting a diploma, so I’m okay with it).

Regardless of that fact, there is still an episode of Threshold airing tonight and one being broadcast on December 9th. Why should this affect your TV-watching habits? Despite the show’s flaws the program is still slightly more than marginally entertaining. It has Carla Gugino to look at, a tough bald black government official whom is cool to watch boss people around, a generic, white, tough guy, square-jawed, full-head-of-hair-equipped, square-topped government agent…. and Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage.

Now, I rarely watch this program normally because I have stuff to do in my life, especially on Fridays. When I am a lifeless dude then I watch and enjoy. I am partly to blame for it being cancelled. Regardless there is no guaruntee that there will be a DVD set of a program whose long-term plotline has gone unfulfilled…. so watch what episodes you can. There is one on tonight and one on December 9th.

I’ll give more details later, but I also have to stop by sometime after class to promote TitanTV. That website rocks so much I wish they were giving me money…. but I’ll endorse it for free anyway because it rocks so much!

Threshold 10 PM EST tongiht! CBS!

Warning: This may ruin your day

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Look, anyone who peruses my Amazon wish list or picks up on subtle indicators here or there in my posts can probably detect my political stance by what I read, and there is the occasional post where I may talk about politics. But for the most part, I leave it off this particular site because I want to welcome all readers. Well, most readers, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian and good ol’ non-voters, all are welcome, but if you’re an SUV-vandalizing Earth First domestic terrorist or a flag-burning commie member of International A.N.S.W.E.R. I really don’t care if I say something to drive you away. That probably goes without saying.

My point is, sometimes politics come up in the course of doing a site even when I’m centering it on comics and sci-fi, and I’m not going to avoid it. And in this case, while posting about comic strips, there’s no divorcing politics.

Two words: Ted Rall

And if you would rather have a good day, just skip this one and read on. I’m going to be doing an interview with Phil Farrand of “The Nitpicker’s Guide to Star Trek” and that will be enjoyable.


New experiment

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

I’ve signed up for a new Amazon Associates beta test, as you may (or may not) see if you hover your cursor over this link for the movie Ray (I’m using that one just because I’ve seen it work in the beta test). 1/2 of the visitors to the site will see a special floating popup, the others will see a normal link. As part of the test, they do a coin toss and you may be part of the control group where it just shows a regular link. If you don’t see it and would like to check it out, clear your cookies and visit the site again.

If anyone buys something from Amazon using one of these, I get $5. So, someone help me buy my Christmas presents and use that floating link if you see it!

NOTE: This may take another hour before they start working.

Aeon Flux secrets revealed by Peter Chung

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Chung Reveals Flux Secrets

Peter Chung actually sounds disappointed with the live action movie, since Charlize Theron doesn’t resemble Aeon, doesn’t have the trademarked hairstyle, doesn’t wear the Aeon costume and the movie was made without his involvement. The only thing he likes is that if the movie widens the brand name he can push for the full-length animated Aeon feature that he’s always wanted to do.

Chung also talks about the oddities of his show, such as how he’d kill Aeon off at the end of every short film. When the show went to full-length TV episodes and the characters started talking, fans were split on whether it was better or worse. (I’ve got two of the tapes which I bought off of Scott McCullar years ago and the full episodes are even more incomprehensible than the shorts!)

I’m glad that the DVD compilation is finally out.

Shrek 3 plot revealed

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The director of the first two Shrek features reveals the plot of Shrek 3, which he will executive produce but not write or direct. I’m putting this in an extended entry so that anyone who would rather be surprised can avoid spoilers. (Don’t worry, this is just the basic idea of the plot.)


Threshold Canceled?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Threshold may be getting the ax.

Congratulations, Bob!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

My buddy Bob Lipski’s comic book Uptown Girl #31 was declared Newsarama’s Indy comic of the week. Way to go!

It’s what I’ve been musing about for months

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Jonah Golberg states what a lot of us have been wondering about the new King Kong movie:

But explain to me one thing. A bunch of explorers go to an island. They find a giant gorilla. That’s cool. But they also find dinosaurs. They go crazy for the giant gorilla — which is totally legit. But they’re completely nonchalant about the dinosaurs. “Ho, hum, found a T-rex zzzzzz….But did you see that monkey!?!”

Frankly, even bringing back a dead insect the size of a great dane would cause a sensation. I hope the movie explains why King Kong is so much more interesting than everything else on the island.

I want a G.I. Joe and a pony. Oh, and Vice City.

Monday, November 28th, 2005

A few weeks ago I posted about the Amazon wishlists, getting some of the other MonitorDuty posters and commenters to share theirs. I thought I’d pass on a site I’ve found useful, now that it’s holiday shopping season.

My Amazon wishlist is six pages long because it’s mostly for self-reference. I’ll read an article about, say, the Venona Decrypts and go wishlist several books about it, but I don’t really want all of them and I may just someday get them from the public library. Amazon doesn’t have any other way to bookmark the books you want without putting them in the wishlist. Amazon does allow you to rank your items from high to low in desirability, but that can be a hassle and your gifters may not even notice this if you do take the time to mark them.

So I have started using the AllIWantForChristmas wishlist service to highlight the favorite items I really want. The nice thing is that you can spotlight items from any and all online services. That helps because I can find DVDs far cheaper than Amazon at DVDPacific, a videocamera deal that’s way better than Amazon’s or Best Buy at an unheard-of place called, the pans I want from, etc. If my friends and family were buying them from Amazon they’d be overpaying.

Now I just need to get other people to use it so I can find things for them. (I don’t think I’ll ever get my parents to use this, no matter how hard I try. Their Amazon membership actually expired from disuse.) So if you have one, please tell us all by replying!

The Lone Ranger To Ride Again

Monday, November 28th, 2005

The Pulse is reporting that Dynamite Entertainment has obtained the license to bring back the Lone Ranger (and pressumably Tonto) to monthly comics. No info was given concerning a creative team, plot concepts or when the first issue will debut.

Wide-Scale Speculation of the New Post-Crisis

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Go over to Captain Comics Message Board here.

Apparently Dan Didio is trying to restore the DCU to his own personal Golden Age…. comic books when he was 12. Circa 1982.

I remember DC Comics of 1982. I can tell you almost exactly what that the DC Universe looked like around 1982. This could be pretty.

Teen Titans cancelled

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

According to Toon Zone, the Cartoon Network has failed to pick up the show for a sixth season. No word has been given whether “Kids WB”, which has been running the show second-run, will pick up the program.