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who or what is Landau, Luckman and Lake?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Well I already knew the answer:Wolverine Files 010: Landau, Luckman and Lake (and Jasmine Falls) | Wolverine Files.

Sometimes I think good ideas like this are best left to the stuff dropped for them in the decades they originated in because the contemporary writers’ elaborations often do not feel ‘true’ when set next to the context of the old stories.

Of course this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for Geoff Johns’ Hawkman, nor his Hawk and Dove.

nearly complete Batmobile history

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Admittedly a lot of this was redundant information in my case. Now stop to take in

this nearly 166-inch-long timeline at — created using information and images culled from — charts the 70-year evolution of the Batmobile… Perhaps just as interesting is the inclusion, when applicable, of the actual cars on which the various Batmobiles were based.

Although the inforgraphic is detailed in its real world chronology it is less so in regards to continuity. That’s not a complaint. It would also be cool if some day we have a visual concordance linking Batmobiles to specific issue numbers and dates, as well as issue artists and likely Batmobile designers.

It would be really cool if the visual concordance had a 360 degree perspective of each car. My primitive internet service as of this writing would never be able to handle that.

So: what is YOUR favorite Batmobile? Mine was the model featured in the present day scenes of Untold Legends of the Batman.

The graphic is also too large for dial-up services to handle comfortably so the graphic is below the fold.



Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Did you know that Jack Kirby created the comic adapting 2001 A Space Odyssey?

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I did. I used to own a few issues, specifically the ones featuring “Mister Machine”, later to be brand-identified as Machine Man.

In any case, here are two articles plus some original art:

2001 A Space Odyssey Comic Book, Jack Kirby, Arthur C. Clarke

This stuff was apparently right up the King’s alley. No real surprise that the stuff that appealed to me was the stuff these guys just ignored and supposedly that the King hated. It’s hard to say.

Of course I just love Machine Man and apparently they do not. I hesitate to declare that the King hated Machine Man.

Chris Yost interview right before the Kang release

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Read with fascination Robot 6 interview with Chris Yost. Mr. Yost’s grasp of Marvel lore is quite impressive.
Note how he explains the Hawkeye dynamic.

you generally need one of the big three… (in order for it to be “‘really the Avengers'”) but honestly… In my mind, Hawkeye’s the fourth of the big three. To me, if the team is Black Knight, Sersi, Doctor Druid, Photon and Namor, I’m skeptical – and obviously I love those characters, I mean two of my top five are in there. But you could just as easily call them the Defenders or something. But throw Hawkeye in that mix, and it’s the Avengers again.He’s the guy you or I could be, if we worked hard enough. Iron Man is similar, but his armor is one step past reality. Not Hawkeye. He’s got the attitude…. he’s a normal guy, standing shoulder to shoulder with the gods, and he’ll get right in their faces. He’s the Han Solo of the team.

Mind you that in Hawkeye’s introductory episode he and Black Widow teamed up to knock the Hulk unconscious, so either Jade Jaws is either significantly weaker in this show than in the Marvel Comics (unlikely) or Hawkeye himself has his trick arrows slightly more beyond reality than in the comics.

It is also possible that he is simply name-dropping.  He also talks about the Avengers being “guides” in exploring the Marvel Universe as if this is a Marvel show.  There is also an explanation for why Captain Mavel is blue and not using his most awesome costume.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is dead. Long live Captain Marvel!

The appearance is based on the Ultimate Captain Marvel, which I suppose makes sense to me, especially if at least four of your main characters are already pale-skinned blonde-haired males.

Ultimate Captain Marvel

One more bit of name-dropping but their enthusiasm for the material shows through their comic book series for Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

I really wanted to flesh out the world of the series, do some of the things we couldn’t do in the show for this reason or that, and just to have fun. We’ll have Batroc’s Brigade, Super-Adaptoid, Mad Thinker, the Winter Guard, Elders of the Universe… we just go for it. This is the Marvel Universe, and it’s full of amazingness. And working with Scott Wegener and Patrick Scherberger has been a blast and a half.

This stuff makes me think that the cartoon is in good hands.

One more thing must be mentioned. The upcoming episode features the greatest Avengers villain of them all, Kang the Conqueror. That was inevitable given the time traveler’s position as one of the top villains of the Marvel mythology, even if he is not the most marketable (he did get a Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars action figure in the 80s).

The cool thing is that the title of the episode is “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow”. Its namesake is obscure unless you are a literary fan and as a bibliophile myself I recognized it immediately. The source of the title was a science fiction prose novel that Avengers comic scribe David Michelinie penned for the Pocket books Marvel series. I have owned this book for nearly two decades. It must have been over ten years since I have last read it.

Not only is the book surreal and brilliant simultaneously but most of those prose books are canonical within the Marvel Comics universe! The then-contemporary character relationships were a lot of fun. I still have my favorite line memorized:

George Lucas would puke!

Ah, Hank McCoy….

I bet the Kang episode will more likely resemble a 1960s or 1980s Kang story than the novel’s plot, but you never know.

In any case, you should buy a copy.

After all of this I still have to ask… why does Iron Man have blue nipples?