American Idol betrays its raison d’être?

American Idol has insisted since its premiere that it is all about making stars of regular old street folk.

Radar is publishing a report, or rather a cursory overview that more than suggests that rather than sweeping up gaggles of promising and practicing amateur singers in various cities, that the program American Idol, like NBC’s Last Comic Standing, is picking up (in some cases deliberately so) some low-key non-celebrity professionals, many of whom had large, expensive failed attempts to be high-powered successes in the music field already, including dropped contracts.

American Idol has been exposed by a longtime nemesis and the mainstream media as being nothing but a “boring hash of recycled pseudo-celebrities who weren’t good enough to make it the first time around.”

I don’t watch AI enough to really care what sort of performer the contest gives chances to, and I can only care who wins when I visit people who are watching the program. That any program is not what it claims to be is usually a shame. especially when (even though a talent show) it is a glorified GAME SHOW.

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