William F. Buckley has passed

I know it’s not totally topically appropriate but Monitor Duty is more than comic books and WFB was, is, about more than politics. I was e-mailed this by Fox News, stamped at 11:22 AM


ABC Radio News informed me between 11:30 and noon. I found a post at National Review Online’s The Corner announcing it and currently on the online representation of the man’s legacy there is an ongoing series of tributes and wonder posts. If you have any thoughts or well wishes about it for the family or the magazine, send them here.

Expect a proper send-up, as proper as can be formulated by a relative untermensch such as myself, late by evening. I probably will not post a copy here but I might.

Obviously I am not worthy. Obviously I know not nearly enough to write a tribute or obituary. I would have to lie to say that WFB did not affect me.

It is morbidly funny and appropriately sad that my heroes tend to die from diseases of old age before I can meet and thank them.

I will also point out that “Pinky! Act like William F. Buckley!” is still one of my favorite lines from the Pinky and The Brain Animaniacs shorts. There! It’s relevant now!

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