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Doctor Who is on Disney XD?

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

This strikes me as extremely wrong but I cannot place my finger on exactly why.

Just based on the clips this appears to start in the second season of the Welsh series with David Tennant. Perhaps they are just promoting it that way.


Disneyfy your life

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

John Hayward makes a very good point about “Saving Mr. Banks,” the new Disney-made film about a Disney production, and how it is very unfair to the creator of Mary Poppins by twisting the outcome of the disagreement that is central to the film.

why I don’t like the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I’m feeling especially derivative here.

1. They (Jeff Loeb) canceled Spectacular Spiderman which was debatebly the best Spiderman show/adaptation to date.
2. Ultimate Spiderman, even though it has Ultimate in the title, has almost nothing to do with the Ultimate Spiderman comic universe.
3. Spiderman acts more like Deadpool than Spiderman (continiously breaking the 4th wall), not to mention the TERRIBLE jokes, compared to the cracking jokes from the comics (or Spectacular Spiderman/90’s Spiderman TAS)

I liked all Spectacular Spiderman episodes, only liked 3~4 episodes of the episodes aired thus far (First episode with Hulk as Guest Star, Green Goblin 2-parter and S2 episode with the Lizard).
I grew up with the 60’s spiderman cartoon (which aired during the 80’s too), but mostly the 90’s Spiderman (and X-men) cartoon.
For me it is now Spectacular > 90’s Spiderman > Spiderman Unlimited > MTV’s Spiderman > Ultimate Spiderman > 60’s Spiderman.

I mostly blame Jeff Loeb though. Ever since his kid died of cancer, it seems he has made it his job to cancel good stuff and replace it with crap.
He canceled:
Wolverine and the X-men, which was imo a great show compared to X-Men Evolution (But slightly less good than X-Men TAS)
Spectacular Spiderman
Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with HIS new (ultimate) avengers show so it can be in the same continuity as Ultimate Spiderman. Plus Loeb is against “story arcs”. Heck, to save face he said that the new show will be a “continuation” of the previous Avengers:EMH and resolve some of the plot lines. Which fans of the 3 above shows know Loeb is lying about.

My reasons specifically is that

  1. I liked Spectacular Spider-Man and while I understand that Marvel/Disney/Loeb cancelled a successful cartoon show to make more money, assert creative control, centralize licensing, and have a Spider-Man show with Marvel guest stars, they did so by eliminating a program before the story arcs could be resolved.  In doing so they also terminated a good program.
  2. Deadpool is a multifaceted character who has, as part of his schtick, a habit of breaking the fourth wall.  Breaking the fourth wall is where the character is not simply narrating or thinking but addressing the viewer directly and taking his personal narrative out of the story.  That schtick is not part of a Spider-Man’s repertoire.    He doesn’t do that.  Deadpool does do that.  This Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon has Spider-Man making less wisecracks to the villain and telling less jokes.  Instead he breaks the fourth wall for comedy.  Many fans of the show, bless them for having whatever tastes float their respective boats, assume that that sort of comedy is inherent to the character when in fact this is a first for him.  Deadpool is appearing on the cartoon show, taking his normal schtick with him.  This will not help Spidey stay unique on his own show.

What Makes Lightning McQueen Run? (Tick? Turn Over?)

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Someone cut open Lightning McQueen. This must be one vicious Disney chop shop.

Although all told, he does look pretty happy. Click to make big.

(Keep in mind that I’m stealing bandwidth here, and pray someone forgives me).

Now since Pixar typically packs in a good number of (only necessary) details on how each world seems to work (as much as is necessary to the plot, yet no more lest it distracts) it’s not wrong to just imagine, ponder, how these wanderers seem to work. The automobiles in Cars obviously are not designed to carry passengers, as the dominant lifeform seems to be, obviously CARS! We also see the interstates traveled by individuals driving themselves, which means a traveler traversing the country is doing so under his own power, and we saw this in the film. These are individual organisms equipped to self-propel across vast tracts of land, although these organisms need rest, fuel, much like people. The amount of wear-and-tear a CAR can take is evidently greater than that of a human for traveling the same distance under its/his/her own power.

I grabbed the link from among the comments on the page I linked to a few minutes ago but this is a logical follow-up, no?

Capsule movie review – Angels in the Outfield

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

The kid doesn’t understand sarcasm and God helps an earthly baseball team cheat.