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Doctor Who is on Disney XD?

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

This strikes me as extremely wrong but I cannot place my finger on exactly why.

Just based on the clips this appears to start in the second season of the Welsh series with David Tennant. Perhaps they are just promoting it that way.


Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Maybe my math is off, but a show that debuted at the tail end of 1963 should be two years away from an anniversary. Still, I always loved Doctor Who when I was growing up, and I don’t mind it getting some hype.

I suppose it’s “hipster” of me to be a little resentful of how popular the show is now, considering I loved it back in the day when it was filmed in rock quarries and the budget for an episode was about as much as a phaser blast special effect cost on Star Trek.  If there’s one thing that bugs me, it’s how the show almost never refers to the old series, which is why I appreciate that there are a few appearances in that new marathon promo above.  Granted, the series is a hit precisely because you’re not obligated to know any old continuity, but the way it almost pretends that nothing came before Doctor #9 (whatsisname…the one that looks like a soccer hooligan) gets a little irritating.

I don’t buy many of the classic DVDs simply because of the cost.  I realize that the episodes are as long as a movie sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I want to pay $20 to watch “Kinda”.  Still, I think it’s awesome that they are spiffing up a few of the older episodes with special editions.  Check out the promo for the new “Day of the Daleks” Special Edition.

Honestly, I watched this episode once a long time ago and it was a dull bore, culminating in a face-off with UNIT and three rickety Daleks.  Now it has been enhanced with new footage shot in the same location.  (Oh, but the original is also included.  TAKE THAT, GEORGE LUCAS!)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Yes, I do buy the occasional Doctor Who DVD.  I own “The Five Doctors” and the Tom Baker story, “The Ark In Space.”  (Elizabeth Sladen, who passed away from cancer this year after a career resurgence making new Doctor Who appearances and “The Sarah Jane Adventures“, has a commentary on “Ark”.)  There are a few that have been on my wish list as I wait for the price to come down a bit:  Sylvester McCoy’s “Remembrance of the Daleks” (inarguably one of his best episodes), the classic “Earthshock,” and the 2084 cold war story “Warriors of the Deep” (those of you against CGI’d special editions should take a look at the Myrka in this one and imagine how much better the story could have been with a little help from ILM).

Mr. Bean as Dr. Who – NOW ONLINE!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Here it is, totally legit to watch for free online: “Dr. Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death”:

Rowan Atkinson makes a terrific Doctor. His companion is the lead chicken from Chicken Run. The Master is played by the main character from Brazil. And then the conclusion brings out a parade of British comedians.


Doctor Who Finale nonsense (Spoilers – oh yeah!)

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Seriously. Spoilers. I’m going to talk freely about the finale of the third season of the new Doctor Who. All of you who are waiting for it to show on Sci-Fi Network should bookmark this for much later.

From here on out, there be spoilers.


Alan Kistler’s List of Articles

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

[UPDATED 09/2009 by Michael Hutchison]

Alan P. Kistler is a New Yorker in his mid-twenties who works as a freelance video editor and has been interviewed by as a “comic book historian” by Warner Bros. Pictures and FUSE TV. His archives and personal blog can be seen at his personal web-site., the files of which are updated regularly.

Alan Kistler is mentioned in the book WEBSLINGER by Bantam Books as a comic book historian in Michael A. Burstein’s essay. He appears in the special features of the AQUAMAN CARTOON DVD set and Justice League of America’s FINAL FRONTIER DVD.

He would love to write for DC and Marvel some day. He also wants to time travel.

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The below is a list of his articles and history profiles on Monitor Duty. He hopes that if you read them and enjoy them, or have questions and suggestions, you will be kind enough to leave a comment on them and he will respond ASAP.