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Ethan Van Sciver as Neal Adams?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Today I’m Neal Adams. Breaking through my habits and traditional way of thinking through a cover. Doing something new and going against my own grain. I’ve got to shake myself out of this funk.   — Ethan Van Sciver

oh, i thought you meant that you were going to create your own line of comics, put out a couple of issues of each, re-evaluate your company’s financial strategy, change your mind, begrudgingly accept freelance assignments from your former employers thereby banking on your legendary status, be treated like crap by those same former employers, then vow to never work for them again by trying (once again) to publish your own line of comics…thus, continuing your career cycle for the past 30 years…  — Dexter T. Odani

What do you feed a gay horse?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Flaming carrots COMIC_flaming_carrot_30

Ethsn Van Sciver buys a Blu Ray player

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The story goes

The blu ray player in my office died today. I needed to get a new one, along with Game of Thrones 2. And I’m a dick. This is what happened.
BEST BUY DUDE: Can I help you?
ME: Yeah, new blu ray player for my office. Top of the line. All I do is watch movies.
BEST BUY DUDE: Well, this is the Sony BDP-S790.
ME: Yeah.
BEST BUY DUDE: It’s 4K Upscale, Superbit mapping 16 bit signal processing…
ME: Yeah?
BEST BUY DUDE: And it has Skype. 3D compatible.
ME: Oh yeah?
BEST BUY DUDE: Yep. It’s the one I have.
ME: (long pause) Show me a better one, then.
I laughed and he laughed and said, “No really. You’ll be happy with this one.” And I bought it.

There were many responses. A critique of the technology comes from Kevin Falkenberg

It’s not $4,000, it’s a 4K Upscale player. 4K (or Ultra HD) is the latest unnecessary advancement in HDTV technology, and really only means anything if you have a huge TV that you sit up close to. Aside from that, the big 4K TVs you’ll be able to find will probably run $20,000-$40,000. So, if you have an 80in TV that you sit about 3ft from, then it’s time to start rolling some coins if you want that higher resolution!

I love Mr Van Sciver’s response:

Kevin, I have an 82 inch TV.

I think I would have to re-arrange my entire house to accommodate a screen that size.