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an observation for the Batman 1966 tv show about villains

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Since the recent passing of Adam West it feels right to compose, share and/or steal various observations on the television show that both made his fortune and his fame.

Michael Bailey writes about the 1966 Batman series:

One of the things that I like about this series as an adult is that when villains are introduced it is rarely for the first time for the characters. We just started the False Face episode and he’s already an established villain. It gives the universe a lived in feeling.

I also like that they don’t reveal who is playing False Face in the opening credits.

Batman 66 s01e17 guest villain cardThe episode in question is season 1 episode 17 “True or False Face”.

False Face was played by the late Malachi Throne.


Malachi Throne was credited at the end of the second episode of the story

.Batman 66 s01e18 guest villain end title card

Purportedly this was Throne’s idea.

False Face originated in the comics, first appearing in Batman #113, published in 1958.Batman 113 False Face splash page

nearly complete Batmobile history

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Admittedly a lot of this was redundant information in my case. Now stop to take in

this nearly 166-inch-long timeline at — created using information and images culled from — charts the 70-year evolution of the Batmobile… Perhaps just as interesting is the inclusion, when applicable, of the actual cars on which the various Batmobiles were based.

Although the inforgraphic is detailed in its real world chronology it is less so in regards to continuity. That’s not a complaint. It would also be cool if some day we have a visual concordance linking Batmobiles to specific issue numbers and dates, as well as issue artists and likely Batmobile designers.

It would be really cool if the visual concordance had a 360 degree perspective of each car. My primitive internet service as of this writing would never be able to handle that.

So: what is YOUR favorite Batmobile? Mine was the model featured in the present day scenes of Untold Legends of the Batman.

The graphic is also too large for dial-up services to handle comfortably so the graphic is below the fold.


comic book super-heroes tv themes

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

This was rescued from the ancient vintage ComicBookResources’ Apr 20, 1999 TV Themes website. Incredibly a lot of the sound-files are now on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine servers and are not just dead links so they are available for download. (more…)