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Is Ares the Teen Idol in Question?

Saturday, August 9th, 2014
Lynda Carter

now why would they hire her to play Wonder Woman? I wonder…

I was skimming for tonight’s broadcast television schedule and I clicked the episode for tonight’s Wonder Woman on MeTV. I found the title and the summary of the episode to be remarkably incongruous.

Wonder Woman
WSYMDT2 – 47.2Sat, 8/09, 8:00 PM 1 hr
“My Teenage Idol Is Missing”
9/22/1978, Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Family, Adventure
The Amazons crush the war god, Ares, and Zeus charges them to hold him prisoner as warriors on a secret island; centuries later, an U.S. Air Force pilot is lured to crash land on the island and the commotion allows Ares to escape.

I would never expect the title for a show about the war god Ares to be “My Teenage Idol is missing” although I suppose that fits overall with that particular series.

Now here’s how you make a pilot!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Don’t read the spoiler until it’s over.

Show »

How is it that fan films can get the essence of these heroes and yet a person given an entire TV pilot can’t capture Wonder Woman right?

“Wonder Woman” TV Revamp Not Happenin’

Friday, May 13th, 2011

The Wonder Woman relaunch will not be launched.

Idleson: “I never want to see Supergirl’s panties again”

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Matt Idleson, editor at DC Comics, wins praise from all of us who have hated the skanky Supergirl outfits of recent years. Why? He recently issued the edict, “I never want to see Supergirl’s panties again.”

For the past few years, Supergirl has been seen wearing little more than a frill that seems to stay across her groin through sheer force of will. Idleson’s pronouncement is actually a surprise to me, considering that many artists draw her skirt in such a way that she couldn’t be wearing underwear underneath it.

Here’s what bothers me: Why would Superman and his parents not say anything about Kara prancing around so under dressed? Does it seem like this would fly in the Kent household? Ma Kent is, after all, the woman who designed her own son’s outfit so that there were some modest trunks worn over the tights.

Supergirl is hardly the only comic book female who runs around in an impractical outfit. I don’t see how Wonder Woman can fly at Mach 5 with the wind howling down her metal bustier, and the butt floss lower garments look like they would need constant readjusting during a fight.

Some years back, there was an Elseworlds theme that ran across DC’s annuals, and one of them featured a future Wonder Woman who wears black athletic shorts rather than a skirt, a bikini bottom or a thong, and the look was not only very attractive but it seemed like the kind of outfit Diana would really wear.