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My First Time with Buffy

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016
I’ve just started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a 19-year-old show I never saw before. I’m 8 episodes in and it’s already getting annoying how there is no accumulated history in that Smallville/Murder, She Wrote/X-Files way. The death toll for this small school is already catastrophic, the principal has been eaten, one girl had her mouth disappear due to witchcraft, but by the end of the episode no one has any trauma and next week it’s all forgotten. No funerals, no memorials, not even a follow-up about how those four hyena-infected kids feel about eating a human being. Class sizes and bell curves aren’t affected by the number of dead kids. No grieving families of these murdered teens are ever shown.
Like I pointed out above, it’s not unusual in episodic television, and it’s the kind of thing that probably looks far worse when binge-watching. What I don’t get is: WHO WRITES THIS STUFF AND WHY? Why does Joss Whedon write the show this way and not expect the audience to react as I do?
Of course, I found the sheer number of people who managed to visit Gilligan’s Island, escape the island and not get the castaways rescued annoying as well when I was six years old.

My TeeFury Haul

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I just love TeeFury.  This site offers a new shirt design for that day, and only that day…and then it’s gone forever…almost.

Almost is because very now and then, they offer a grab bag day to clear out their inventory of remaining shirts.  The shirts are only $6, you choose your size, and you can order up to 12 of them…and it’s potluck.  Until the package arrives, you don’t know what designs you’ll get.

I’ve managed to miss EVERY grab bag day!  So when the February 2013 grab bag day arrived, I did the full 12.  I was really hoping to get the Indiana Mouse one I missed, or any of the constant Dr. Who shirts they have.  Here’s how it turned out.

The Precious Gem:


The reject pile:

I’m selling all of these.  Don’t know yet if I’ll put these on eBay or what, but if you’re interested, make me an offer in the comments section!

  • Super Saiyan Man – Superman rips open his own shirt to reveal…an orange shirt with a Japanese character.  The heck? I had to look up this one.  Turns out it’s a Dragon Ball Z reference.  It’s probably cute…if you like Dragon Ball Z.
  • Camera Robot – This is probably cool if you’re a camera aficionado.
  • Boba Fett in Assassin’s Creed gear – Not my thing.
  • Tools of the Trade – I don’t even get what this shirt is for.  It must be a video game I don’t play.  Tools of the TradeOh, yep, I just looked it up.  Metal Gear Solid. And they sent me TWO of them!  That surprised me.  I didn’t think that TeeFury would stick you with two of the same shirt in a grab bag.  That kind of stinks.  I’m guessing they had a LOT of these left over and every grab bag buyer got one.  Any Metal Gear Solid fans out there?  This one is already for sale!

Not a great haul.  Honestly, only one gem, from a site that has gems that I pass by every day?  (I can’t buy every great shirt!)  Here’s hoping I can find the people who were salivating for that great shirt that got away (and wants it in 2XL).  I may even move a few of the “acceptable” ones to the sell pile.